Creepy isn’t the word for it.



Creepy is the word for it. O.O

Wheaton’s at it again!

Oh God no just so much no

The inspiration, for those unaware. Immortalized in various Fark.com photoshop threads

Rstevens of Diesel Sweeties + baseball tees…PARTY!

Why won’t that sweater (and the creepy clown face adorning it) just die already?

So I had a very similar clown sweater 3/4 sleeve raglan made on one of those shirt customization websites, and I wore it to PAX in 2011. I met Wil Wheaton there and he loved it - I told him where I got it and he was so excited about it. I guess the idea must have stuck with him!

Crazy. Totally in for one because I suspect the quality will be higher than on my one-off. Then I will also have a primary and a backup clown sweater tshirt. :smiley:

I’ve been asking for a white shirt for a while now, but I never thought that woot would stoop so low as to offer something like this… Uggg…

Woot, I get it, you’re mad at me for whining about wanting white shirts for the summer.

I’m sorry, I really am. But you didn’t have to take it out on the rest of the community…

Can’t we be adults about this? Can you just find one decent white shirt to offer? Just one… It’s not tooo much to ask… is it??

I just read an article about the Staten Island clown that is freaking people out. How appropriate.

in the name of Wil Wheaton, MUST HAVE!

plus I was just at DNA Lounge last night (the club where the “inspiration” photo was taken)!

I’m glad someone likes it.


If it’s not clear, I’m saying this shirt is basically my fault. So if a clown sweater shirt offends or terrifies you, blame me. I can take it. I’m already wearing one.

I’m really disappointed in the new Woot shirts, lately. Other than the derby shirts (and a couple others), the selection has been horrid.

Had to look it up and I was not disappointed.


the story that explains the inspiration, from Wil Wheaton’s blog:

Not nearly as scary when your ta-tas have eyes…

or is it?

Coulrophobia = fear of clowns

Very much so!