8-Bit Forever

I’m so very confused. I know I just woke up, and haven’t finished my 1st cup of coffee yet, but where’s the information about the artist that did this?
I was about to share this on FB, Twitter, etc… and, well, not a usual thing to share without naming the artist.

I wish I could get something similar for Playstation. XD

Is this one of those lightweight (t-shirt thin) hoodies or a traditional heavyweight hoodie? I have no idea by the weight description which this is. Thank you.

There is no artist.

Must have been created by the Force.

No two-bit romance here. We’re on 8-bit forever. WooooHoooo!

Regular weight hoodie.

Whoops? It’s been added now.

That is what I was hoping to hear. Thank you

Super cool shirt. My kids will love it.