8-Bit Vintners Player 1 - Four Pack

8-Bit Vintners Player 1 - Four Pack
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Condition: Red
Product: 4 8-Bit Vintners Player 1
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Hi Everyone,

Im Mike James, the creator of 8-Bit Vintners. Ill be hangin out for the next couple hours, so feel free to ask questions or just say hi. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the wine.


These look like screwcaps – if so, I pass…

A Washington wine? Who saw that coming?

Good evening, my friend. If I drink this wine, will it make my Atari 2600 stop failing to recognize the controllers every four minutes or so and making me reconnect them?

Maybe we should have some sort of screw cap wiki since comments like these always seem to pop up. There’s nothing wrong with screw caps at all unless you really have something for aesthetics.

Interesting blend mixing Rhone, Bordeaux, and Spanish varietals.

Care to elaborate as to why?

8-bit? 01110111 01101111 01110111!

And… can’t still believe this aversion to screwcaps – screwcaps are on many excellent wines these days.

How many does it take to be 64-bit compatible?


Apparently amazon has no sense of humor.

Hi Mike. I have a home carbonation setup and was wondering if these carbonate nicely to make some quick sparkling wine? Either way, I LOVE these labels. Fits perfectly with some of those Woot BSOD sparkling wines.

When you hit “I Want One!” make sure you select I want Two. Then you should be 64-bit ready.

not sure, but it might make you forget

ouch…shipping to DC but no VA?! First time i remember seeing VA NOT on the list! any wootleggers in DC looking to split some to a nova’er?

I think a lot of people miss the ceremony involved with the corks!

Is 8 bits enough memory to store complex flavors?

Mike, great to have you here.

Your website says you have lightweight bottles - are they plastic? (Not judging - just curious…)

The alcohol might be too high, but try it and let me know.

Well, Monday’s offer had neither on the list.

It helps if you’re actually funny. =P