8-Bits of Fun



Might start using an apron so I can wear the Cake or Death one, such a great Eddie Izzard bit.


No bacon bits?


I want all 3 of the Nathan W Pyle hoodies. Right now. I held off on the shirts for some reason, and now I know why. Maybe I can talk my husband into making them my Christmas present :slight_smile:


If someone is considering buying “Super-Effective” in Men’s Medium, I have a brand new one from an old Random sale. It’s even an AA shirt… Send me a PM if interested


Need more of these as zip-up hoodies rather than pull-over. I would have bought a closet full by now. (Now that I think about it, maybe woot is doing my bank account a favor.)


Agreed. But finally ones that are cool enough to consider a pullover…


I’m still searching for a good first long sleeve woot shirt, as I am lacking long sleeve shirts which is bad here in New England haha. I would totally get the super effective one if it was long sleeve! Considering getting the Tux one…


Ya I’ve passed on a buncha hoodies I liked cause they pull over. I die inside just a lil bit every time I pass up one of those sweet ass designs… single tear

On a side note it would be awesome if they let you pick the style. Pullover or zip


The tux one would be good for the holidays and a bit warmer than a tee!


Yay! Super effective is one I’ve had my eye on, I’m snatching one up.

I’m curious, with these side sale items, are they gonna be the screen printing like the top 20 or will they be the digital printing like the all designs (mostly) catalog? It shows “printed to order” but I want to be sure so I can make a proper comparison on print differences (if any) after I get the shirt.


Would guarantee the purchase of 2 Cake or Death shirts if you made them available.

Well we’re all out of cake…
So my choice is or death?
I’ll have the chicken.


you can buy all the shirts now.
even cake or death. (“life choices.”)


woot are you KIDDING me? I JUST bought the short-sleeve 8-bit Tux the other day for $18. I wish I had known I could have gotten the more realistic long sleeve for two dollars more today >: (


Anyone know? Sidesale items like these: are they gonna be digital printed or screen printed? I didn’t see anything addressing specifically this in the massive new all designs digital printing discussion, although I coulda missed it…


Screened. DTG is pretty much booked for the rest of the year.


I super love these 8 bit hoodies, but maybe I am a little 8 bit myself, I can’t figure if the pattern is on the front AND back!?! Anyone out there up to saving your 8 bit princess on this one???


No, all of these should be ONLY printed on the front.

Unless someone corrects me, that should be the case.

Woot Staff


That’s correct, pullover hoodies are all printed on the front.


So, I haven’t posted much on these boards lately as I’ve been pretty busy, but I’ve still been reading most of them.

Anyways, I know it’s been done/asked before but I never paid attention to the answers because I’m in Florida and have enough hoodies to get through our terrible winters that we have here. But, now with the catalog being available, I’m more likely to buy plus sale items because of the exclusivity/screen printing/price scale(A pullover is just $7 more than a digitally printed cataloged shirt). Our winter has arrived(haha), so I am now using my hoodies so I feel like I could use another one. 75 degree high on Thanksgiving day, folks!

My question is, how do the pullovers fit? I know there have been pictures and discussions, but I looked briefly and couldn’t really find anything. I guess it’s been awhile since these first started showing up and most people have already purchased their first ones by now.

I usually buy shirts here one size up so it won’t turn into a form fitting shirt after a few wear cycles, and I would think that could apply to a hoodie as well because you want them to be roomy… But, I don’t like huge hoodies, so I was thinking of going with my normal size. Is this a mistake?

Thanks everyone for any input… and Narfcake or NPS, If you would rather just link me to a discussion about this than answer, that’s perfecty understandable. :slight_smile: