8-Bits to Rule Them All

Oh wow. I just had a nerdgasm.

YES. Do want.

Definitely geeky, definitely worth buying…just like all the other W00t! shirts. After a second and it sinks in, you realize you’re wearing the best shirt ever…

MITHRIL tunic!

must. acquire. shirt.

I covet this shirt. And now in exchange for money it is my precious…

One shirt to rule them all…

This might be my first Anvil tee if my pocketbook agrees with me.

Something really weird happened. My fingers purchased it before my brain was able to catch up and realize what was even going on.

Are Gollum and Gohma related?

Okay, nerd argument here: Why would Gandalf tell Frodo to take the One Ring? It’s the most dangerous, evil object in all of Middle Earth.

It would be the equivalent of Zelda telling Link that the best way to protect himself in the wild would be to tap into the Triforce of Power that Gannon holds, and which, in turn, morphs him Gannon into a pig monster.

Okay, nerd moment done.

I’m sure everyone knows this but just in case

It’s a zelda screen with Lord of the ring characters replaced.

I can hear the music chiming along tin-ly in my head to this shirt.

Does wearing this make me invisible?

I wish this was an actual game because I’d play it.

I guess this could work for either the Rings films or the upcoming Hobbit films. Judging from the map and the items, I ascertain this is The Hobbit territory we’re parodying here.

Though (ahem) Gandalf doesn’t give Bilbo any of those three items. Neither did he give Frodo all three for that matter.

(adjusts glasses and snorts)

I’d play that game…probably not well, but still…

I’d get one if this were straight out of the original game without the changes.


****** ATTENTION **** **

There’s been a mistake on our part with the bottom size chart and I humbly apologize. I looked at another source to make sure about the blanks and they are supposed to be


I’ve made a phone call to get this changed and the size chart should be updated soon.

If you ordered this shirt assuming it was on AA and want to cancel or change your size, please email service@woot.com with that information.

Again, I apologize for this mistake.


One does not simply walk into the Goron Mines.