8-camera H.264 Network DVR System

This is WAY over-priced. Since there is no specifics in the description, I would assume that this H.264 is before 960H technology. If it were 960H it might be a fair deal.

But since it uses crappy CMOS technology the night vision is going to be extremely grainy.

This should really be priced at $199, not $399

960H, 720p, 1080p is going to give you a MUCH better result at recording in the dark.

I have two 960h cameras now on my, works with almost any camera, DVR.
They have the wider field of view, and at least mine, have a much better setup for infra red night vision and goes out about 100 feet.
They are much clearer then my old narrow view 700tvl cameras but definitely are not HD at all.
They are better then the usual SD camera setups like I had before though but if it was me I’d get a true HD setup, you’ll be able to see fine details MUCH better.
I can BARELY read license plates in my driveway now, no way with the earlier cameras.
Hard to tell if this thing would properly support analog HD cameras if you added them later.