8-Pack Hanes Boxer or Boxer Brief

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Based on the picture I’d say the blue shorts are roomier or perhaps I should say… more accomodating?

Right now Wal-Mart has 5 +3 free (8 total) bonus packs for $12.50… so not that great of a deal.

Also have to share that this runs a bit tight in the in-seam and thigh and I had to basically pull a few of the seams to get it to fit. Size up

After buying one pack of Hanes X-Temp boxer briefs (half spandex) I’m done with normal 100% cotton BBs. X-Temps cradle my boys and stay tight to my would be sweaty nethers all day. A year ago I moved to a city where I do a lot more walking and quickly realized that normal boxer briefs are misnamed. They should be called brief boxers, because they act like briefs in the first few hours of the day and boxers in the rest - free and loose. Not my bag of tea, if you will. X-temps are just as tight and supportive when you take them off as when you put them on.

Yes, I realize I sound like a Hanes commercial. What can I say? When my boys are happy, I’m happy.

Are the boxers made of knit fabric or woven?

The Boxer Briefs are knit, the Boxers are woven.

Agree completely. I always thought 100% cotton was the only way to go, but nothing beats the comfort of the spandex blend. The fit at the end of the day is the same as the fit right out of the drawer. The boys stay cool and comfy and supported all day. The first time I wore them my wife grabbed my butt and said “what are you wearing!”…in a good way :slight_smile:

Maybe they just feeeeel better

Will those prevent Kravitz wardrobe malfunctions?

Are there any women that have tried the boxer briefs? They look like they would be comfy to sleep in.