8-Pack of Duct Tape (20-Yard Rolls)

8-Pack of Duct Tape (20-Yard Rolls)

Yet another fake deal from these people. Cheaper per roll right on amazon.com. Do you even try any more woot?


I’m not even seeing a single roll available of this brand.


Perfect I just ran out of my last roll in my white van down by the river


Deal looks pretty good to me, but the description says eight 20 yard rolls of Amazon Commercial Standard Duct Tape.

Silence is Golden.

Duct tape is Silver

Thank you. Corrected my link.

The 6 pack of 45-Yard rolls is $3.50 more for 90 extra yards. So that seems the way to go, unless you live in a vintage bouncy castle and need the two extra rolls strategically placed to stop house leaks. If that’s the case though, I bet your either awesome or super creepy, like Wonka or Wario.



Yeah, 12 rolls of the exact same tape (as far as I can see) cost on Amazon less than the 8 here on woot.

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Noticeably cheaper on Amazon when you do the math, and faster shipping.

“For that person in your life that you just can’t let go!”

FINALLY! I now have enough duct tape to patch my leaky garden hose, cover the holes in my old woot shirts, and build a house.

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