8-piece Künstler Cutlery Knife Set by Connoisseur

8-piece Künstler Cutlery Knife Set by Connoisseur
$19.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: New
1 8-piece Künstler Cutlery Knife Set by Connoisseur

And people complain when Wine Woot offers cheese.

I’m glad there’s 3 offerings a week when Woot decides to post something this far off topic.

Edit: I guess I could use it to cut some cheese to go with my wine? Or I could just keep using the Wustof Classic knives I already have.

I am looking for some knives. Does anyone have these and can comment on the quality?

Is the block French or American oak?

But then…how else would you cut the cheese?

OK…really sorry about that…but it had to be said…

Off topic? Zombie season is coming, are you prepared?

Looks like they might be a decent starter set, but with knives, you’re usually better off investing the money in a higher quality set.

Unless you don’t really care and don’t mind having to sharpen them before every use…

I do not have these, but I am picky when it comes to my cutlery.

How do these compare to the Shun sets that Woot occasionally offers?

How’s the comfort of these handles - specifically the large chef’s knife?

Thanks much! I’d be willing to rat them!! LOL

These are forged and have a full tang - that means that these are at least decent.

Considering the price they look like a great deal to me if you are looking for a decent set of knives.

Given proper care they should last for a long time and cut far better than a cheap stamped set from your favorite superstore.

Atleast they are not $700 Ken Onion Knives

Probably like McDonalds and Ruth’s Chris although I’ve never held these knives. If you’re serious about cutting things or cooking anything it’s definitely worth investing in at least a couple high quality knives, you will notice the difference. The Shun knives are pretty nice.

Wow, hard to find these anywhere else on the intarwebs.

However, I did find 'em at Quick Click and Buy LLC (?!) on sale for $59.99…

yeah, all I could find, too… not even anything for the “parent” company “Connoisseur”…? So who knows.

Also good for carving pumpkins.

Is the cutlery dishwasher safe?

Thanks! I was looking for something to compare them to. It looks like they are used as freebie gift for a lot of sites. I need a starter set and I think these would be ok.

Upon further research, I found a company “Dexter Russell” that makes a Connoisseur LINE of knives? could it be?


no such thing as these Kunstler, though.