8 Ports Box Multi Data Transmission USB

8 Ports Box Multi Data Transmission USB

“Speeds up to 1TB.”

What does that mean?


MAXIMUM RATE: The maximum data transfer rate is 1 tbps

For some reason, they decided to measure the speed in terabits per seconds… So it’s 128 megabytes per second. With the small size of that wire and it only being USB 1.1, you couldn’t pay me the amount that they’re charging to use this. With 8 ports, people are only going to worry about charge speed and will be very disappointed.


Hmmm, but the signaling rate of USB 2.0 is 480 Mbit/s and theoretical maximum data rate of is 53 MByte/s.
Also, they use a big ‘B’ (on packaging) meaning Bytes.
This USB 2.0 hub magically exceeds these.

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Does this need to be powered with an additional ac adaptor or is the usb enough to use it for charging and data?

This would require an external power supply to charge anything; an unpowered hub shouldn’t provide more than 100 mA.

Thanks, I needed that info.