8" Memory Foam Mattress - Full or Queen

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8" Memory Foam Mattress - Full or Queen
$259.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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If you want the king size, head on over to home.woot!!

Damn that’s a nice looking bed… I want that!

Three woot! sites selling mattresses. Pick your poison.

I want the bed not the mattress, where is that deal?

Here are some memoy foam mattress reviews. Hope this helps, not sure yet which company this deal offers.

What company makes this mattress? Anyone know?

The image looks very similar to these sold over at Target:


If so, it looks like the price over there might be a better deal, if you don’t want the bonus pillows.

[Mod (TT): I had to go all the way through the purchase process but shipping was $26.73 to me for the full-size mattress.]

Looks like the Sarah Peyton convection cooled bed Amazon review link

They look exactly like these…same bed frame in picture and dimensions match…

Scratch that on the pricing, shipping over at Target is around $42. Woot! price is king.

Does anyone know how these ship? Is it like the bed in a box, or do you find the mattress on on your lawn (if you have one) and a family you do not know sleeping on it when you get home from work?

I had a foam mattress once, but I forgot where I put it, because it wasn’t…

Oh, nevermind.

Meanwhile, the Woot! monkeys are going bananas,what with beds Beds BEDS on more Wootsites than you can shake a stick at (insert Groucho reference here).
Sheer bedlam.

This is old but I assume it is still viable…

For unpacking!

It looks like (From reviews elsewhere) that these ship rolled up like a carpet and take about a day to fully “inflate” before using.

Can somebody tell me if this requires a bedspring? I’m never had a foam mattress and this might be a dumb question.

Lol. Woot! has gone to the mattresses!

Is woot “going to the mattresses”
EDIT shoot I was too late.

This only has two inches of memory foam. That’s not much for something billed as a memory foam mattress. It’s more common to have at least three inches of memory foam before you get to the “core foam” and “high-density supportive base foam” (aka standard Polyurethane foam rubber).

does this work on platform beds that has wooden slats as foundations? I have ones with curved springy slats that are farther apart then the usual Ikea ones. Not sure if the foam will sink in between them.