8" Memory Foam Mattress - Queen

Does anybody have experience with these? Are they good enough for a main bed or best left for the spare bedroom for the occasional guest?

I’ve been sleeping on one for several months now. It’s holding up really well so far, very pleased with it. However, most of the concern with these beds from past costumers is how they hold up in the long term. Previous discussions have mixed reviews. So far mine has no issues though, very comfortable.

Did I miss it somewhere or does anyone know exactly who makes this one? The Spa Sensations and Aerus Natural at Walmart/Sams Club respectively, get good reviews and are similarly priced.

Does anyone know where one can purchase the bed frame pictured in this Woot ? (or something else that will work with this mattress) (… and what is that under the mattress, a box spring?) Tx!

I know a lot of people use the “Slumber 1” bed frames with memory foam mattresses.

Like these:

I have no experience with either product so I cannot comment on the viability with this 8" mattress.

I’m no expert on these, but it looks like only the top 2" is memory foam. The rest is other types of foam. So I don’t see how this would be much different than just adding a 2" 4lb density topper to your existing mattress.

Possibly Ikea if you have one nearby? And to me, it looks like a regular box spring under the mattress.

I don’t own the mattress but I bought one of the pillows when they were on Woot about two years ago and it’s been great since then. But holy crap, if it’s cold in my room (55-60F) the foam becomes like a rock. I bought it during winter and when I pulled it out of the box I thought Woot sent me a piece of wood or something.

Luckily I’m hot headed, so as it warms up it becomes soft again.

Unfortunately I have nothing useful to say about the mattress itself.

I use mine for the spare bedroom. Everyone raves about it! I don’t think I’d use it for my everyday bed, based on what people say…it wears out with constant everyday use. But for a occasional spare bedroom usage, I think you will get your moneys worth. And just so you know, I’ve slept on it, and the thing is amazingly comfortable! I like it better than my super expensive mattress, but as I said, I think it isn’t made for durability.

What is the density of the memory foam? Pounds/cubic foot? Should be at least 4 pounds per cubic foot for quality memory foam. Unfortunately China is suspect in memory foam density. I have personally seen less than 2 pounds/cubic foot.

Does anyone have the weight of the Queen mattress? I calculate 22.22 cubic feet and therefore it should weigh at least 89 pounds. I would appreciate knowing the weight of anyone’s mattress.

If you had the entire mattress be only the top layer of foam, you’d get no support from it.

So all memory foam mattresses are layered foams and together work well.

A 2" topper on a used coil mattress is only a bandaid. 4 inches would really be the optimal topper. And that’s only assuming that the mattress isn’t sagging and is otherwise in good condition. No topper can fix a truly bad mattress.

And while foam densities matter, they only really matter if you prefer a softer mattress. For those that appreciate a firmer mattress, 2-3 lbs is more than fine, though 3 is the sweet spot for firm. Also, some Chinese manufactured foam mattresses that claim to have high densities while being really cheap are suspect because they often add clay to fake the spec while not getting the actual feel right. It’s those clay additive mattresses that sag, deform, etc. A true foam mattress will hold up for at least a decade, but most have 20 year warranties.

It’s safe to say that this is a compromised mattress, however if you’re looking at it as a 2-5 year stop-gap or occasionally used guest bedroom, these cheap mattresses work quite well for the money/quality.

I purchased the 10" Sarah Peyton version Sep 2010. At 345 pounds then, I have had no issue with any sort of wear. But to be safe, every so often I will spin the ends 180 degrees to keep the wear even. I use a laptop desk in the bedroom, snd sit on the side of the bed for that, so you would think eventually a permanent depression would get created, but nope. Best mattress I’ve owned. and at 268 pounds now, the risk of wear continues to drop.

yes, you use a standard box spring underneath.

Its all dense memory foam. There are just different functions to the layers. This appears to be a 3 inch layer of solid core foam, 3 inches on top of that feature the ribbed channels that allow heat to escape, and 2 inches on that that take the airflow down to the channels to dissipate.

mine was 57 pounds shipped.

I need a new mattress, and I like the idea of memory foam, but I’m concerned about heat. I’ve heard that memory foam doesn’t breathe well, and can make you feel really hot.

Can anyone speak on this with regard to this mattress? I prefer to be on the cooler side when I sleep.

It does take a little to get used to, and having the room temp down a little bit helps. But I did not find it to be a huge issue. Lowering the room temp aids good sleep, so they say. The difference in the function of the layers allows some of the heat to be removed.

I use my 8 inch memory foam mattress as a topper for my regular mattress. Use yours this way and never have a complaint again- about anything

We have had a Queen size mattress like this for almost 10 years. It is without a doubt the most comfortable mattress we have ever had, and it shows no wear or sagging, unlike traditional mattress/box springs. We put our mattress on top of a slat bed frame (no box springs needed. We bought ours on Ebay, but the WalMart variety should be fine as well. My husband found it a little too firm, so our solution was a feather topper. This solves two issues. 1) It provides a cloud of softness above a firm mattress, and 2) it creates some air flow, so it doesn’t seem as hot. This mattress provides unequaled support. I had some pretty severe back pain before, and none since getting this mattress. I highly recommend it!