8-Shelf Stackable/Detachable Shoe Rack

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8-Shelf Stackable/Detachable Shoe Rack
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I bought one that looks identical off of another site about a year ago and I just donated it to Goodwill last month. Couldn’t be happier to be rid of it.

Total piece of crap (not the good kind). The metal shelf poles will fall off if you look at them wrong, and let’s just say it would not survive an earthquake.

I would have to balance shoes on it (by the way, if you wear larger than like a size 7, prepare yourself to carefully balance each shoe as if you were playing opposite Jenga), and I cautioned people not to bump into it as they walked past.

Save your cash and go for quality - stack a bunch of shoeboxes against the wall.

Thank you for this honest review. I will save my money for something better. I thought it looked a little shifty.

This rack looked interesting and, with over 60 pairs of shoes, I’m in need of one or more shoe racks and have been doing my homework. The ability to use these stacked or individually is something I’d like, however a number of the Amazon reviews say it comes stacked and you have to break or snap it apart to use individually, which is fine, but a number said trying to stack them once broken apart was an issue. Other reviewers said it was flimsy, but it appears they probably didn’t seat the pipes sufficiently. The result of my homework has provided me with a short list of 4 racks, two of which are only about $10 - $15 more than this one. They each hold 50 pair, are made of metal, have casters and good reviews. None are stackable like this one, but my homework has shown me there are a number of better values, for me, out there.

I inherited a 4 tier half the price, 17 or 18 years ago. I never needed it. An ex threw her shoes of the day off her feet at the door. I put them in a box and dumped them on the bedroom floor every Saturday morning. I’m guessing if you need this for your self, well…

If you think for a second this will help more than you and your own shoe addiction, you need shoe methadone, and so does your partner/dealer.

I will add that I definitely seated the poles properly but it was still flimsy as hell. It comes unassembled, or at least mine did.

So I wear like a men’s size 12 and the depth of this shelf would not accommodate my shoes if stacked squarely on the shelves, requiring me to place them at an angle. Consequently it would hold approximately 3 pair per shelf. Mine was 4 tier. I realized my desire to get rid of it outweighed my need to have so many unnecessary shoes.

One more thing is that if you need to adjust any of the shelves/poles be prepared to take half of the shelf apart.

I just can’t say enough about this thing. I guess I was triggered by the picture. Thanks for listening :wink:

I bought one similar and the plastic sides were not sturdy enough to bear the weight of the shoes. The sides broke both where the poles were inserted and where the side pieces attached to each other. Got another one made of all metal with wheels that is much better.

Is it just me or does it look like someone found an old stockpile of CD racks and decided they would market them as shoe racks?

I agree with all of the negative comments. I wear a 13 and also had to play Jenga when placing shoes on rack, which eventually broke. What remains is a 2 shelf rack which has to lean up against the wall for support…Skip this one.

Yes, I bought this exact “DVD Rack” about 18 years ago.

These are definitely low quality. Plus, you can find them way cheaper online!

A quick amazon search shows:

Trust me when I say the reviews are correct.

But the fact that woot would upcharge over all these prices is the most ridiculous part. There is no difference in quality from this item and the links above.

If you have half a brain, don’t pull the trigger on this “deal”. Come on WOOT! >:(

I appreciate the review as well. Looked tempting at that price point.

Absolute JUNK. I bought 3 of these last time around. First, they don’t stay together. Touch or bump them the wrong way and they tumble like a toothpick tower. Very cheaply materials. The “metal” racks sag under the weight of a pair of boots. I wouldn’t pay $5 for this crap.

It also makes Julienne fries.