80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, 64oz. 2-Pack

80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, 64oz. 2-Pack

Is this liquid, or gel?

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The ingredients in the label says it includes glycerin, so it should at least be a little bit gelly.

What type of alcohol do they use - ethanol or methanol? Important safety concerns - ethanol is ok, methanol is not.


Denatured ethanol could be an issue too depending on what they use to denature it.

Hello. Here’s answers from the vendor:

This is a topical solution, so it’s more like a water then a gel. The glycerin in it is for moisture so it doesn’t dry out the hands. This is great for putting in spray bottles to spray down your hands, keys, gas pump handle, door handles, etc.

Yes it is Ethyl Alcohol, highest grade used, FDA Approved formula, Made in the USA in Omaha NE.


Is this one of those that had to be made with the distillery alcohol?

The reason I’m asking is even the hand sanitizers that we are currently selling at work smell like you’re going to want a lime & side of chips and queso to go with it.


Holy price gouge Batman. Does Jeff know you’re doing this?

Massively overpriced.


Please post a link to your massively better bargain.



A few things on this. First, this appears to be exactly the same formulation that the WHO publishes and has been around since 2013. I know, because I made some for myself. Based on that assumption it won’t be a gel at all. There is no gelling agent listed in the ingredients. As stated, the glycerin is added only to act as a moisturizer to offset the effect of the alcohol’s drying. Adding a lot more glycerin will not make it gel, it will just make it sticky.

$30 for two gallons is not a rip off. That’s actually a surprisingly good price, as long as you don’t mind the non-gelly-ness.


Sorry, I don’t have that information. It’s marketed by KMS per the label.

This is a 2 pack of 64 oz, so you are only getting 1 gallon for $30, not 2 gallons.


Yes, my bad. 128 oz total or $30. So, 8 oz for $1.88.



I use alcohol to clean glassware that i own with tight spaces that i cant reach. would this be usable for such a task since the glycerine doesnt seem to thicken the sanitizer? Obviously in this day and time I cant find large amounts of alcohol :frowning: Thanks in advance

Probably Ethyl Alcohol. That means it probably smells like booze. I recently bought some hand sanitizer from the grocery store not knowing the dif. The dif is it smells like rum. Longing for the days when I could find Purell…which I used frequently before this pandemic.

I believe it is the boozy type. If you look up 80% v/v that is usually in reference to Ethyl Alcohol. So…yeah…you’re gonna want some Cola and lime for that Cuba Libre.

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This looks like the same formula used by distilleries all over. It’s about the same price that the distilleries around here are charging for pickup.

The two I’ve purchased smell like unaged whiskey, but I got them from bourbon distilleries.


So what does this smell like? If rum is that a “good” smell or a rotten garbage pungent smell? Need to know if anyone has bought this as I bought sani before that smells like :nose:t3::skull: :dizzy_face: :mask:


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smells like alcohol, i bought this same brand and bottle and paid 24.99 for one bottle, not as good as buy as the deal WOOT has. i really like, put it in pump misting bottles i had left over from wife’s hair spray, use it on phone steering wheel etc… good stuff and it is 80% good killing formula better than the lower stuff like 65%

good buy WOOT!