80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, 64oz. 2-Pack

80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, 64oz. 2-Pack

I paid 8.99 at fleet farm a month ago for the exact product in a 64 oz size. I guess I got a good deal.

Depends of the type of alcohol and percentage. The one gallon containers that I’m currently using is 80% Ethyl Alcohol. Be careful as the FDA announced that some hand sanitizers contain Methanol, which is harmful to humans.

This product doesn’t disclose which type of alcohol is used.

This is pure liquid. It doesn’t have a good scent. You would use it for a refill, but it is just like water - it is NOT gel, REPEAT NOT GEL


I bought this same stuff from Ocean State Job lot and it smells like NYC subway. Horrible. I returned it.