800TC Damask Stripe Duvet Set-2 Sizes-6 Colors

**Item: **800TC Damask Stripe Duvet Set-2 Sizes-6 Colors
Price: $44.99
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Condition: New

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OK, I’m admit to my lack of culture. What is a “duvet” ?

A duvet (doo-vey) is a pillow case for your comforter.

Sorry about the write-up booboo. It’s been fixed.

These are 55% Cotton/45% Polyester as stated in the features/specs.

Posts were deleted to avoid confusion for those arriving late to the party.

Only 55% cotton and NOT Egyptian cotton so the price isn’t unusual.

The specs say nothing about what the duvet is filled with - down? polyester?

Is this just a duvet cover that they’re misleading Wooters into buying, thinking it’s an actual duvet? Because, unlike the mistaken poster above, a duvet is NOT a “pillowcase for your comforter”. It is the actual comforter.

So which is it, Woot? Is the info incomplete or misleading?

It is a duvet cover only (the terms are used interchangeably all over). You put it over your own comforter or fill thing of your choice.

It is obviously a duvet cover, not a duvet or there would be discussion about the filling. I would order this set in a minute if they had a nice sage green. I love having part polyester, it prevents wrinkling, and holds up under numerous washings. You don’t sleep on top of your duvet (with cover), you sleep under it, or–on hot nights–toss it on the floor, so you don’t need egyptian cotton.

  1. @mikebumpus - Duvet is a fancy name for a comforter. Because duvets are typically more expensive, better segmented and filled with fancier things, you don’t want to sully it the same way you can replace a typical $50 comforter every year or two. So people buy covers for it called… duvet covers! Sort of like not sleeping directly on an expensive mattress.
  2. Now for my part of ignorance - I don’t understand how something can have a thread count if it’s not 100% cotton. Cotton threads are thicker than polyester - how does one normalize the two?

**ICM - Features and Specs tabs describes this as a duvet cover. In America when you refer to a duvet it is understood to be a cover for a comforter. If this were France your confusion and subsequent comments might be warranted. Besides, aren’t you a dude? What are we supposed to know about duvets except that putting a comforter inside them is the second hardest thing to do in this world, aside from raising kids.

The term thread count refers to the amount of threads woven together over a square inch of fabric. You count both lengthwise (warp) and widthwise (weft) threads. So 100 lengthwise threads woven with 100 widthwise threads produce a thread count of 200.

“Set Includes:**
•(1) Duvet Cover
•(2) Shams (Queen set receives standard size, King set receives king size)”

KillianMick - Features and Specs tabs both describe this as a duvet cover. It is not considered misleading if you neglect to read the description. Check with any lawyer if you don’t believe this one! In America when you refer to a duvet it is understood to be a cover for a comforter. If this were France your confusion and subsequent comments might be warranted but, not really, because it describes the product in the specs and features tabs as a duvet cover. I guess in France it would be written in French throughout the description not just the word duvet. It would also say couvercle in the description to indicate it is a cover for a duvet.

I’m more concerned about the name, “Damask”!

To give credit where credit is due, I asked that “cover” be added to the features/specs after seeing confusion in the thread here.

You can turn off the bold now.

Thanks. My fingers were getting hoarse.
I hereby retract my previous statement and offer my apology to KillianMick. Good for you to point out the innacurate description of today’s homeWoot and thank you!