800TC Pleated-Hem Sheet Set-4 Sizes-6 Colors

Want more info on Egyptian vs Cotton? Take a look at this guide on Overstock

Anyone know anything about these sheets? I recently made a sheet purchase on 1saleaday.com and they turned out to be garbage. Pilling and falling apart after just a few washes. Another purchase I made on ebay are thin…no where near the thread count advertised…but they hold up. Only thing is, they don’t breath very well. I am getting pretty frustrated with all the sheet rip offs out there.

These look nice, but does anyone have any advice or experience regarding the quality and feel?

Seems a little pricey for 55% cotton sheets…I’ll pass

First, how does a 15" pocket fit an 18" deep mattress? Second, its a blend… You should only ever blend your margarita

What’s the ply on these?

Wow, good call. I assumed 100% cotton.

Any idea if we were to buy these, where we could get matching pillow shams?

Are these percale

or sateen?

Does “Egyptian cotton” imply percale?

Percale vs. Sateen

If these are anything like the designer sheets we’ve previously offered, these should be sateen weave sheets:

I will ping the buyer and find a 100% answer in the morning.

45% polyester is still too much to wrap myself in for 1/3 of the day.

Edit: Also if Woot is going to advertise Egyptian Cotton all big in the heading wouldn’t it only be fair to us members to give equal billing to the Polyester? There’s already one comment above indicating confusion.

It’d be more accurate and ethical if it read “800TC Egyptian Cotton blend Pleated-Hem Sheet Set - 4 Sizes - 6 Colors”, at the very least anyway.

Agreed. Polyester just doesn’t cut it.

grandma called. she wants her sheets back.

Oof. Glad I read the comments before jumping on this.

And sad to say, it finally came in Cali King!

Learned the hard way not to buy if it’s not 100% cotton…Cotton/poly blend sheets are crap! Scratchy,rough,thin…I’ll keep paying the extra $$$ for the real deal.

Looks nice but 45% poly kills it.

FWIW, I’ve had good luck recently with cotton bedding from Landsend.Com. I seldom buy anything there that’s not at a sale price, but they feature decent sheets often enough that it might be worth checking out from time to time.

Exactly! Cotton/poly mixtures are for chumps. You may as well stay at a Holiday Inn. There’s nothing like 100% pure cotton, whether it’s Egyptian or Sateen.

And threadcount matters a lot! The
higher threadcount you can afford, the happier you’ll be. There’s no such thing as too high when it comes to threadcount. --Pass.

I just got a set of 100% bamboo-fiber sheets from bedvoyage.com a couple of weeks ago and love 'em. Pricey, but worth it. This is my second set of bamboo, got some from BB&B a few years ago. Never going back.

I recently bought 100% linen sheets on eBay. They come from Belarus, which makes them much cheaper than the linen sheets you can buy retail here (coupla hundred bucks). Linen won’t pill and is incredibly breathable, which makes them great for summer nights and is the main reason I buy them. Linen will usually feel coarse or even scratchy until you wash it a few times, whereupon it becomes very soft. I like the coarseness personally.