800TC Pleated-Hem Sheet Set-4 Sizes-6 Colors

I’m cracking up reading the comments from some of the “Sheet” Notzi’s, get a life people! If you don’t like what they are made of, Just Go Away!

Very glad I read the comments before buying - I didn’t notice at first they were poly blend. Good catch. Pass.

45% polyester makes the thread count irrelevant. It’s 45% crap, so who cares if it’s woven more tightly? Unfortunately this is the new Woot, Amazon’s bargain basement.

“Egyptian cotton” is long-staple (long fiber) cotton, a particular member of the cotton plant family, very expensive, lovely to sleep upon. A curse upon any company that lies about what kind of cotton they use, and a double-curse if it’s actually Egyptian cotton and they mix it with poly. Percale is the weave, not as shiny as sateen but very strong.

Will these work with a Mac?

(sorry, just needed to remind people what used to be the important question here on Woot.)

I know what you mean, I got some sheets from Eversave and they were pure shite. Not advertised right, said 800 TC and made in Georgia, found out it was 100% polyester and made in China. Eff no. I am a sucker for soft sheets and so want to buy the deal but can’t find any personal comments online about this company so I think I’ll pass…

Apparently you don’t “get” the reason behind having a comments section for each deal. It is a way for potential shoppers to discuss the pros and cons of each deal. In this case, it’s found that the sheets may be a little too synthetic in nature for some people’s tastes. This is not plainly obvious on the deal.

Gah! Only 55% Egyptian Cotton?? So glad I read the comments. They almost got me.

Totally agree… These thing fall apart too quick. If they were 100% cotton it would be a great deal. It’s like that microfiber stuff…yuck!!!

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Sheets are tricky beast and the more knowledge one has to tame said beast the better. Shame on that guy for knocking the wealth of experience here.


Wouldn’t the poly-blend make the sheets more durable? Or would/do the dissimilar fibers cause them to come apart due to the slipperiness of the synthetic component?

How much would these cost if they were 100%-EC? And/or, what would a good deal price be for 100%-EC?

I don’t know anything about sheets, other than the ones we have now suck…lol

I bought a couple sets of the the 100%-synthetic(sometimes advertised as 1,200-1,600-TC, or something ludicrous like that.) One of the sets is actually very good, comfortable, not hot, and held up better than most of our cotton sheets ever did. However, the best cotton sheets we’ve ever had were something like 4-600-TC.

The other set, from a different retailer/manufacturer, were dyed/colored a nice teal paisley type pattern, but during the first use, most of the color/dye came completely off everywhere our bodies contacted the sheets(read; there’s a big, giant, faded colorless oval in the middle of the sheet, and nowone side of the mattress, the insides of my wife’s crocs, and the bottom of our tub are green/teal :frowning: ).

Uh, yes there is. Thread count is meaningless unless you know how the fabric is woven. The industry standard leaves a loophole for deceptive practices.



We welcome all comments as long as they’re relevant and factual or personal reviews. We may be crying silently in the corner, but we welcome them.

You guys should get Bamboo sheet’s they are the best. You can hardly feel them against your skin. I’ve washed mine over a 100 times and they still look like the day I bought them.

What gives? Have to order THREE of SAME color??? Deal breaker

EDIT: Was able to order 3 colors - filed one at a time - a different process than usual but it worked. happy again. Sheets were on my “to do” list and I did not have to settle for wrinkly cheap 200 thread versions at the same price.

No, no, no, not at all.

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Heh. Thanks!

These are a Sateen weave. Egyptian cotton doesn’t refer to a specific weave.

Good price…