800TC Sheet Set - 8 Colors - 3 Sizes

**Item: **800TC Sheet Set - 8 Colors - 3 Sizes
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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If I knew what “alpha cotton” is, I could offer a more knowledgeable comment. However, 800tc at this price is quite good. After getting married and becoming educated in linens, I’ll never go back to cotton/poly blends or thread counts under 500. There is a difference and the extra cost of higher thread counts and 100% cotton is worth it.

Ok, someone educate me. Whats Egyptian and Alpha cotton? Emphasis on the Alpha.

A search makes me think it is cotton from the Alpha Cotton Mill in Charlotte, NC.

Some of the best linens in the world are 200tc.
The primary difference is that their manufacturers don’t mislead about thread count.

Let’s learn all about what thread count really means

To those inquiring, we should have answers later this morning regarding the “Alpha” cotton blend and also the type of weave of today’s offer.
Thank your patience and we appreciate your interest/questions.

Weave: Sateen

All I can say is,… “Hallelujah for the 100% cotton!!” Can I get an Amen?!?


Thanks, percale or sateen is important when it comes to sheets.

Also find out how many cale? I want to determine the price per cale.

Okay that was bad… I’ll shut up now. :slight_smile:

Do they happen to be organic cotton?

[MOD: No, sorry. We will list when a sheet set is organic cotton.]

I insist on buying only free range cotton.
Woot, only one pillowcase leaves me one short. Are you sure only one pillowcase is included?


I bit on one of these 1000TC all cotton sheet sets once (for like $40), and that is all I needed to do. If the deal looks too good to be true it probably is. In the same way that specs on electronics can be deceiving , this whole thread count thing is the same way. At least if you buy them in the store, you can feel the weight and the texture. I don’t even see a brand associated with this deal. So if you are confident that those 800 threads are more than 1 micron thick- then go ahead and jump on this- otherwise I would wait.

and is it free range cotton

STRIPES! When are sheet manufacturers going to learn that sheets need some kind of pattern so I don’t have to spend 5 minutes figuring out which way they actually fit on the bed???

15" depth isn’t enough for my mattress. :frowning:

I am confused about the specs and the sheet sizes. Shouldn’t the Cal King be 4 inches longer than the reg king?

[MOD: Specs have been updated. Thank you for pointing that out.]