I didn’t get todays woot - but I have to configure a wireless setup at the parents house - what do I need to do to lock this down so there will be no intrusion on the network?




//pokes sharp stick in obob’s eye


u want wireless-g with WPA security.
The internet says with a linux box and a packet sniffer one can hack a WEP 802.11b network in a couple of hours.


Funny thing about wireless networks is that there is no real way to lock em down 100%. All of them can be hacked given enough time. In order to stop the script kiddies and the war-drivers , make sure you enable WEP encription on the router. You will be asked to create a Key which will need to be Entered into the Computers that will be connecting wirelessly. Enable “NAT” so that the router can asign the computers a network address. Also make sure you change the default channel the router is operating on. I believe the default is still channel 7 or 11. Rename the router and disable " SSID Broadcast". This will stop the router from telling every computer its name. Finaly, make sure you create a new user name and password to access the router. The default passwords and user names are well known all over the net and is the easiest way for a script kiddy to crash your whole setup. Write down all the info you changed, channel #, password and user name for the router, routers name, WEP Key(s) and have the folks put it away somewhere, you will need it again (trust me on this one lol) ! As always, you can refer to the net if you need more help. this page is good:

and if its a problem you need real help on , you can ask my friends about it here:

Hope this helped, And Good Luck!



That did, and it will help - I’ll certainly use the links if I encounter problems this weekend.


Some routers will also allow you to only permit certain MAC addresses to access the router.
Check on the router Mfg website.