80GB Microsoft Zune

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

New 80GB Microsoft Zune, for $199.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Microsoft Zune Red Version 2 80GB

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thats a crazy amount of space

I actually prefer the Zune 30. I’m not a fan of the Squircle.

holy cow… a new zune… sells out in… 5min?

Good deal but meh dont need one… pets his 80gb iPod cassic 6th gen

wow this is going to sellout fast.
would jump on this, if i didnt already buy the zune 30 they sold earlier.
too bad i did

sellout.wooters ftw!

too bad i have 60GB worth of Zune’s from past wootings…

I’ve got a black 80 and it is worth every penny. The red version looks INCREDIBLE by comparison. Definitely worth it.

actually a larger screen than the iPod Touch and much, much more space, plus regular video file playback so no conversion needed. a great buy especially new.

Do…want…badly. But my 30 isn’t even full yet…sigh. I’m also betting on new models this fall. Guess I’ll hold out.

it is new but I think the 80gb ipod is better althow I just bought a mower so i cant afford it they are $238 a Wal-mart

Wow, thats a good deal. I’m tempted to get it to give as a christmas present.

who needs 80 gigs worth of space?
seems like overkill for me.
i would never have that much time to actually sit there and watch or listen to 80 gigs worth of media.

I’d buy it if I even used my woot refurb 8gb ipod nano.

640K ought to be enough for anyone.

Um… clearly you don’t understand the purpose of having a mass-capacity player.

It’s not for one sitting. It’s for having your entire collection with you at all times so if you have a hankering, you’re not stuck listening to the same 10 albums over and over again. You can watch a whole season of a TV show, etc. I can’t imagine even having a smaller player anymore.

Alright, I know a lot of folks have been raving about the Zune, but is it worth $200.00 and a much better player than others out there? Need some good info. before I’ll jump here…

I got one to replace my iPod.

80 GB is a ton of space but those that travel on airplanes for business or whatever should be on these big time. Just rip a whole bunch of DVDs onto it and you never have to suffer through another inflight movie again…