80pcs Assorted Styles Embroidered Patches

80pcs Assorted Styles Embroidered Patches



Oh @ThunderThighs
You want to pull this listing.
They are all coming back.

Not 80 patches!
15 questionable food themed patches and a packet with 6 thread, 2 buttons, and a safety pin.

These are retagged items, like those posters of the kitten from a while ago, where the tag isn’t for this item.
I’m gonna take a little break so I don’t go super nova on the CSR but this is REALLY REALLY annoying.


Hey there. Thanks for the info. These came from Amazon. It’s possible its’s just one warehouse. I’ll let the team know. Customer Service will help you.


Heh you understand I still want to visit that warehouse with a nerf bat and keep swinging till I am to tired to swing anymore thought right? :slight_smile:

All 4 of mine were packed together so guessing 1 warehouse.
Anything on the label to help identify it for you?

When I first saw this ad I was pondering how big they would be, almost posted asking but figured this many at this price not to expect much… Amazon managed to even miss my lowered expectations with this screw up.
As I put in my note to CS I was hoping for something cute & fun and they managed to deliver a bag of flaming dog poop instead.

But hey I get to learn how an AmazonPay refund works!
(don’t slip on that puddle of sarcasm) :smiley:

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Because my brain works funny, I went searching.

This is what I was sent.
select the “food pack”
Somehow they are uglier in person.
I understand stuff rarely looks as awesome in person as in the advertising but if you ordered this and got that, you’d want to slap around someone at Amazon too.

My shocked face that Fakespot gave the reviews an F. :w_eyeroll1:

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At least it comes with a 90 day warranty.

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Oh no. CS incoming disappointment.

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Where did I put that nerf bat…

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@ThunderThighs and this… this is why I hate emailing with CSRs…

  1. If you’d like to return the item for a full refund, we can help you with a return label.

I look forward to having to schlep your mistake back to you & waiting to see how an amazonpay refund is given.

  1. if you’d like to keep the item, we can issue a partial refund of $14.

I paid you $44 for 320 patches.
You sent me 60 crappy patches and I can keep them for $30… OH BOY WHERE DO I SIGN!!!
I’d call it insulting but thats to nice to describe this “offer”.
How in the actual h e double hockey sticks did they compute that offering me $14 was a valid response?
3. If you would prefer a replacement, we can sent out to you right away.

It’ll be 4 of the 15 patch packs again won’t it.
Like that time y’all owed me 60+ dog toys and shipped a replacement… of 4 toys.
I highly suspect there isn’t a replacement item available of whats in the advertisement since it didn’t exist to begin with except in a buncha of mislabeled packages on a spreadsheet.

If you’ll excuse me I need to go bury my head in a pillow and scream until I lose my voice.


CS has a standard formula for partial refunds - a percentage of the price. They’re not going to calculate the price per patch, etc.

If you unhappy with the offer, you can ask for more (could happen) or return for the refund.

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Oh going to get the refund, there was never any doubt of that.

I’m just impressed at the gall to try to keep that much percentage in a bait and switch.
Amazon sold an item that apparently doesn’t exist beyond some relabeled packages listed on a spreadsheet.
Amazon shipped an item in its place only vaguely like the advertised product.
Amazon offers a “refund” that would cover the cost & shipping of 1 of the non-existent products.

We sold you 20 lb of chocolate for $44, we shipped you 20 oz of “chocolate flavored” lumps, would you take $14 to keep it & call it even?

Now I’m not mad at you, you aren’t the idiot in the warehouse relabeling product but someone is and y’all ending up selling product that technically does not exist.
How many times can any other vendor do this before you slap them?
How many times can it happen before you lose customers & reputation?

This isn’t the first time the description wasn’t exact
This isn’t the first time the item was mislabeled as something else

Perhaps someone needs to have a heart to heart with the higher ups & explain that when you tell people they are buying A and you ship Y they get angry.
If their spreadsheets are lying to you, you end up lying to us and well y’all get the brunt of the ill will for them being slipshod.
If I can put a label for a Ferrari on a bag of tinsel and sell & ship it as a Ferrari there are problems they should address instead of just hoping people won’t get mad enough to do something beyond smile & wait for a refund.

Like I said, I get grumpy.

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Feel better?

@cubbiemi same thing happened to me.

Though the word random told me I wouldn’t get exactly what was pictured, I was hoping for similiar.
A lot of the ones in the pic were really cute.
My sister makes adorable wristlets and I was hoping she could use these ( not the ones I recieved).

I don’t know what these were modeled after but these are the “80” I recieved. I don’t like them.

I reached out to CS.

Ummm… No.

And I just asked questions about another product where the image/description/spec promises do not match.
I have a sinking feeling that if I ordered it I would receive a frying pan or something else.
Perhaps I needed more time away, this feeling that I might not get what I thought I was ordering… if I wanted that doesn’t Wish have the corner on that market?

Sorry you got the possessed evil doll of embroidered patches as well.

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25 days away. I’m so sorry for you.

Hi - so sorry to hear this. Please reach out to Woot! Customer Service. To speed things up, let them know if you prefer a return/refund or a replacement (if possible).

Please allow 24-48h for them to respond.

Browser: Use the Woot! Customer Service form.

Woot! App: Choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Self-Return: Items without Li-Ion batteries can be self-returned within 30 days. Go to your Order Details to get started. The return label will be emailed from UPS.

Note: Woot! Customer Service replies go to the email address on your Woot! account, not your Amazon login email if used/different.

The return and refund were done before my little rant.

I had been getting stuff kinda regular and this made me wander off & stop checking the site.
I thought a break would help me calm down… I was incorrect.
I came back and hit an item with a description that didn’t match the images & specs.

And I don’t see a reply to my inquiry about the item in the little reply notice thingy so…