80s Mail Order Tee & Bonus

If it ha the lion king game and the Xmen games i played when i was a kid I would have purchased it purely on impulse haha.

BUt yeah 30 bucks is all i have for this entire shirt off and i need to make it count

That is hilarious!

Mail order catalogs were the bomb! I’m 45. I gazed at those catalogs longingly when I was young.

Fun shirt!

Buy a console, get the t-shirt free!

(Better way to put a value on this, at least. But does that mean I purposely bought another Anvil shirt? Oy.)

I barely missed it. Got it into my cart and it was gone before I could check out. I guess I’ll have to stick to my emulator for now.

Me too! I had it in my clutches… ah well.

It definitely looks like a fun shirt, but not one I can’t live without.


Did a Montanan snag a Sega??

BTW, Woot, It’s pretty misleading to leave the item up, listed as a bundle with the console, after that bundle is already sold out. The sale item should be changed to just the t-shirt. I know more people will click on it and that increases the chance of selling the shirt but it’s still misleading.

Likely for the best. I was on the fence just for the Golden Axe games. Now the choice was made for me!

I still have my Sega Genesis. XD And all my other consoles. :3

Who got the Sega Genesis?

Me too, oh well. Didn’t realize that it was plug-n-play. Have fun with it Narf!

You can make it into a pillow, that would be cool!


Since my pillow is just a pile of shirts, there’s no remaking necessary! :slight_smile:

its a trap!!
it says 100% in stock but you cant select tee & console…

thats okay I still have my genuine SEGA Genesis from childhood…

I knew it isn’t an actual vintage console but for $30 with the shirt it’s still cool.

sheesh! Go to page, still reads 100% available. Go to check out… SOLD OUT! wtf! lol