80's Nostalgia

80's Nostalgia

This shirt has multiple references to things that didn’t exist until the 90’s…


I appreciate the effort in the design, but had to come here to agree. They could have done an 80s and 90s one with everything used.

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Swords didn’t exist until the '90s.

Cecily Strong Season 44 GIF by Saturday Night Live

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@omni1269 and @sigeptendo anything jump out that upsets you?

Pokémon wasn’t released in Japan until 1996.

Super Smash Bros Ford Nintendo 64 was released in 1999.

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Which one is smash bros?

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Poke Balls are based on gashapon capsules which existed in the 80s.

By that logic, most items on this t-shirt are older than the 80s.


SNES wasn’t released until 1990 in Japan and 1991 in NA.

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The prototype controller existed.

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Wow, you all put a lot of effort into decoding these shirts - meanwhile I look at it and go cool, I like that - buy or I have no idea what that is and leave it at that.

Maybe all the hairspray I used in the 80s soaked into my brain andz ruined my ability to differentiate between things made in the 80s or 90s

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Doesn’t really matter anyway. Half of the things will disappear or become unrecognizable once the shirt starts peeling.

After two washes…

You’re talented.

Have you considered submitting designs too Shirt.Woot?

It’s much easier to screenshot them and submit to others t-shirt sites!

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Woot makes you like submit a file with separate layers for each color and specific templates, only use like Pantone colors or something, and all that crap.

I have shirts from woot from 2016 that are still in great shape, I’ve never had peeling. Do you wash in hot? Also, do you dry on high?
Not at all doubting your experience, just wonder what the difference is.