84" Blackout Grommet Panels-S/2-8 Colors

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84" Blackout Grommet Panels-S/2-8 Colors
Price: $24.99
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I got some of these in a box of krapp a little while back

Do you like them? I’m considering them.

$150.00 List price? Give me a break. Show me anywhere that sells this for that much. Might as well just say $5000 list price if you’re just gonna make up numbers…

Duck River Textile Website

havent hung them up, but they will do the job well

Thanks Woot for helping me decide to buy these. Found them for 19.99 at FlashSteals and have been trying to decide if they had a good price. 20% less than Woot is a Great Deal.

I’m in for two sets, but not here.

[MOD: Our vendor has confirmed that the ones at FlashSteals are NOT lined. Ours are lined.]

I purchased these last time for my kids room in hopes they would actually perform as “black out” window panels…but they seem to only have about 70-75% light reduction. If you want total black out, don’t buy these.

Thanks smolket. Definitely a dealbreaker for me

What color did you get?

I was going to say the same thing. Not full blackout. I still have a problem with my child falling asleep in the summer months. Only blocks about 70% of the sunlight.

It’s curtains for your Rocky…curtains!

I got these Duckriver curtains on Zulily last year and they looked fine but felt cheap. I could have handled that, but they had such an overpowering chemical odor that I could smell it from down the hall after I hung them in my daughter’s bedroom. It gave her a headache, understandably, so I took them down and washed them according to the instructions. The smelled fine after I hung them to dry so I thought we were in the clear. But after a day or so, the odor was back in full force. I had to put them in a ziplock bag in a closet to keep the smell contained. It was really, really bad.

Hey all, we also have window rods for sale:

Window Rods for Window Panels

These from Amazon FINALLY worked for me. They actually work. I had the same problem. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003S6L3PY

I was waiting for the Wallace and Grommet panels.

I agree, that’s a bunch of BS. Would love to see where they got $150 from. Some of these prices they throw out is beginning to make me wonder how honest these folks really are.

We don’t make them up. List prices are provided as part of our purchase process. We expect smart wooters to know that most list prices are worthless.

I bought a couple of sets of these at Target, and had them hanging for about a year and a half and decided to wash them.

Instructions say cold water on delicate cycle, then tumble dry low (something like that). I washed them, and went to hang them out on the line, and the inner panels stuck together in random spots. When I carefully pulled the inner panels apart (no hulk action!), one of the sets ripped, and the other now has black spots from where I pulled them apart. The panels with the black spots aren’t terrible, but the other ones let daylight in where the holes are (about the size of dimes).

Buyers beware! Would suggest vacuuming them and beating them if you have a clothesline rather than wash them.