8400 mAh Portable Battery Pack Charger

I bought one during the last sale and it worked great (10k mAMP). However recently its been acting up and the USB ports stopped working.

Will this charge an I phone 5

I bought the larger one and it charges my blackberry from dead to full and only drops to 94%. I can charge my phone many times without recharging the pack. Loved it so much that I bought this smaller one for my wife. Although this one doesn’t have the meter so I can’t give numbers, it also charges my BB completely multiple times on one charge.

Yes, it has 2 USB outputs. it also comes with a USB cable with a micro USB end and several micro USB attachments for various phones and Apple products. If yours isn’t supplied, you can definitely use your own USB cable to charge.

Crud, sold out while I was comparison shopping. Looks like this was a pretty great deal.