8GB USB Flash Drive with Ubisoft PC Game Loaded

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New 8GB USB Flash Drive with Ubisoft PC Game Loaded, for $14.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Dane-Elec 8GB USB Flash Drive w/ Ubisoft Game

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How much are the games worth?

I’m interested. Does anyone have a suggestion for which game should I get? (Reviews, experience, etc.)

I’m going to guess less than what Woot is charging for them.

Again, that’s just a guess.

hmmmmmm… maybe in for 1

You guys have games on the mind with all of this E3 business.

$14.99 + $5 shipping

Not a bad price based on this walgreen’s price (who knew you’d find this here?)

Walgreens $24.99

These are great ideas for selling drives. Love the fact that the game does not need a cd and can run without anything plugged in.

Wow 8gb flash drive for 14.99 plus shipping. The game must be worth it because the jump drive can be bought anywhere for less.

The only one I’ve played is Brothers In Arms. It’s very good. A bit dated by now, but still lots of fun. It’s a WW2 shooter, but it changes it up by forcing you to use your squad, cover, suppression fire, and flanking maneuvers. Lots of fun!

Haven’t played the others, but Splinter Cell CT got really good reviews and people I talked to seemed to like it.

i recommend clancy’s splinter cell chaos I own this one it’s one of my favorites

Looks like they retail for $24.99.

Yes, but are they fast? How long does it take to upload/download a 1gb file to/from the drive?

Anyone have any technical specs on these Dane Elec flash drives? Do they support ReadyBoost? What kind of read/write rates on them?

While the 8 gig stick is tempting, I don’t particularly want any of those games. Not woot!'s fault, but could you put some plain jane 8 gig sticks up instead?

for those who never read the descriptions of the products that you buy on woot, this may be kinda important for vista users

Rainbow 6 and Brothers In Arms need to be ran under Windows XP Compatibility Mode and as an Administrator to operate properly under Vista

I was really thinking about this but you can buy all these games on steam for $9.99 (splinter cell is $5) and the thumb drive isn’t worth $10

For estand
Steam is a digital distribution platform you buy the game and then can download and play the game on any PC the only restriction is you have to download there client to download the game and you can only play on 1 computer at a time.

All of the games are available for $20 or less.

Brothers in arms is $12.49 on Amazon.

Otherwise, do your own research, and keep in mind that a name brand retail 8 GB flash drive will run you about $20 with shipping.

Essentially, this deal is a free game with your flash drive (of course, if you don’t want the games, 3 - 8 GB drives for $50 is pretty damn cheap).

I see them on Amazon for cheap too.