8in Memory Foam Mattress (4 Sizes)

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8in Memory Foam Mattress (4 Sizes)
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Who is Sensorpedic

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After doing tons of research on Memory foam beds I recently bought one off amazon. One major point to keep in mind is that the foam density is very important if you want your bed to last. The higher the density the longer the foam will last and not break down (tappers off around 6 lb). Density does not equal softness. good memory foam should be around 5lbs and the support foam 1.5 - 2.7 lbs. I would be hesitant about buying an unknown foam mattress from a supplier that doesn’t have any certifications. One site that I learned a lot about beds is the mattress underground. I would recommend doing some research before making a big purchase like this.


I am a representative of the SensorPedic brand under Soft-Tex Manufacturing.

SensorPedic is one of the fastest growing specialty sleep companies in America. SensorPedic believes in a Sleep Better, Feel Better and Live Better. Along with amazing feeling memory foam and new age technology, SensorPedic offers a comprehensive assortment of sleep products, plus a variety of memory foam materials designed to deliver a great night’s sleep.

Go all latex. You won’t regret it.

Is this a mattress “topper” or a mattress replacement?

At 8 inches, I would have to believe its a replacement unless you want a really, really tall bed. Princess and the pea anyone?

What is the density of this mattress? It doesn’t mention it in the specs…
Also, where is it manufactured?

Unless you’re allergic to Latex.

I had bought a memory foam mattress from woot not even 2 years ago (it was a 10in mattress not this 8in) and it was the worst decision I have ever made. Not even 2 years have passed and its condensed and pitted in every place someone has slept. There is no more memory contouring that is so promoted. After spending so much money on a mattress and in less then a year it start sucking I would suggest no one buy this online and take your money to a store where you can actually try the mattresses and where it will be easier to return it if it sucks.

I would not wish this mattress on my worst house guests.

The 8in mattress includes a top layer of 2.5 inches of ventilated 2.5lb density memory foam. The high density base support foam is 1.8lb.

The mattress is manufactured in China. Soft-Tex is a US based company (New York).

What is the foam density of the upper layer? It doesn’t mention this in the specs. Does this mattress require turning?

There are 3 layers. The top layer memory foam is 2.5 lb density. The middle is heat dissipation layer that sweeps heat away from the body. The bottom layer is a 1.8lb density (heavy duty support base foam).

Does this mattress have a style name? Deluxe? Slumber Supreme? Etc?

Thanks for this post!

I need a new bed and I want to try foam. Was hastily about to jump on this one so as to not miss a good deal, but can anyone offer info on why not to take my time and maybe go with something like this:


Please note!
While density is a factor that can be used to gauge support it is not a determination of quality. A 5.0lb density memory foam can be loaded with fillers that increase density but are detrimental to the performance of the foam. A pure polyurethane foam made with PURE ingredients that have a density of 3.0lb can outperform impure higher density foams.

SensorPEDIC mattresses are manufactured with the purest highest quality materials and are independently tested and are CertiPUR-US certified.

Hope this helps!

I would like to do more research before I buy. Amazon has one called Deluxe for sale and Kohls seems to carry this brand as well. Does this particular mattress have a model or style number for purposes of additional research?