8in Memory Foam Mattress (4 Sizes)

It does help.

I’m shopping for a mattress for my own bedroom as well as my guest bedroom. In my bedroom I’m looking for everything and willing to pay a fair price for it. In my guest bedroom, comfort and price are more important to me than durability, since it will see much less use. I’m considering this mattress for my guest bedroom.

Unless things have changed, anything less than 3" top layer with 3 lb or greater density should be a pass.

Things have changed! :slight_smile: Memory foam technology has improved significantly over the past five years making great strides in quality, durability and feel. I think you will be impressed with the quality and overall support and feel of the top layer of the 8in mattress.

There are very similar mattresses at Amazon and Kohls, but this is a exclusive price and offer for our valued Woot! customers.

How does this compare with amerisleep?

Do you have any trial period (90 days)?

Hey Softex … how does your foam mattress stack up against a Tempur-Pedic? Be honest!

I have a Latex Matress, and I use it as the bottom layers for my Memory Foam.

Remember, Latex is NOT memory foam, it “pushes back” unlike Memory foam, that conforms to your body type.

Not saying that Latex is good or bad, I just prefer the Memory Foam over latex, and my top layer of Latex was ILD 14, which is very soft. Feels great to touch, but did not like to sleep on it.

At first I didn’t think you were talking about a mattress…Oh the places you will go.

Some more information about the mattress being offered by Woot - Sensorpedic 8in Classic Memory Foam Mattress. Can’t tell if this is an exact match but the sizing (8in) and other specs seem to match up (knit cover and iCool technology).

Was about to pull the trigger, then got looking around the mfg website and found this “90 day return policy”:

“Your new memory foam mattress must be used with a new and/or adequate and supportive foundation, boxspring and/or platform bed, or with our Infiniflex Foundation & Frame in one support system. Customer must sleep on their new memory foam mattress for at least 30 consecutive nights after purchase so that both they and their new mattress can adjust to the proper sleeping environment. If after 90 days, and before the 91st day, if you are not satisfied with the quality or comfort of your new mattress, simply call our toll-free consumer hotline (1-800-366-2324) and we will assist you in addressing your specific concern.”

See the problem? The 90 day return can only be exercised AFTER 90 days but BEFORE 91days,!!!

Now I know this wouldn’t apply to Woot purchases in any event, but I won’t be dealing with a company that offers a guarantee that is IMPOSSIBLE to use!!!

Today’s Home Daily offer actually has a 20 Years SensorPedic warranty coverage.

charliesolo again…

I wasn’t referring to warranty; I was writing about their separate 90 day money back guarantee.

My point was that since they use “weasel words” to offer a MBG which can’t be used, they are not likely to be a good company to deal with.

I’m going to take a guess (educated, I’m a copywriter), that this is poor wording. I think they just want you to try it for thirty days, and then you have from day 31 - day 90 to return it. I think you might have just given me a job lead :wink: