8Pk Philips Sonicare Compatible Toothbrush-Pro Results



Cheaper on amazon.com, and free shipping with Prime.


Pray, SirLord, hath thee a link to said price comp?


found the 4pk on amazon for 9.99


Does this fit the e-series sonicare?


Here is one 8 pack for $11.95 including shipping
8 Tooth brushes
or, a 20 pack for $19.99 with Prime membership 20 tooth brushes


I tried some “compatible” Sonicare brush heads from Woot.

I found them to be inferior to the OEM items and stopped using them.

You get what you pay for, I suppose.


I wonder if these are the same things as the ones you can get on ebay for about a buck a piece (or less)?


NONONONO! Fooled me twice but not again! The quality is nowhere close to the real deal. I have tried the brushes, clarisonics and razors…Nope!


If you like bristles that fall out and get stuck between your teeth, then by all means buy this inferior product. Horribly cheap and not even worth bothering with.


No indication of the hardness of these brushes?? (i.e.soft, hard etc.)


I wish i would’ve read this before. I just got my first order from woot, exactly what you said ‘razors, clarisonic heads and toothbrush heads’. I didn’t realize they were ‘compatibles’. The razor heads don’t stay on my Gillette razor handle.

Very bummed that I didn’t see that these were generics.