9 pc Pure Komachi Block Set



I don’t have this exact item, but thought comments about Pure Komachi knives were indicated.

I have several chef knives - a Pure Komachi (large) vegetable knife - a Fieri Knuckle Sandwich (I know he’s distasteful, but the knives are good), and a Shun Damascus steel at the fore. But when I have cutting to do, I almost inevitably reach for the Pure Komachi because it is so light and nimble. I have one of those Chicago Cutlery steels that people hate because it takes a little metal off - but a few licks from it are all the Kai has ever needed. After 10 years, the epoxy is chipping a little near the cutting edge, and it has discolored a bit, but it works fine.


“Pure Komachi” sounds like a euphemism for something else.