9' Round Tilting Umbrella, Your Choice

9' Round Tiltng Umbrella, Your Choice

You know it’s all about the base, ‘bout the base…

What’s a good base for this umbrella?

The heavier the better 60 lb or better I was very disappointed with the 40 that I thought it was going to save money we had one strong wind and not only did it break the umbrella but it turned over my very expensive table and four chairs I tried to say 40 bucks and I end up costing myself a couple hundred The heavier the better

Did anyone spot the typo in the title?

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9’ Round Tilitng Umbrella, Your Choice

Yes! I noticed that Sman!
It should say:

9’ Round Tilitng Umbreller, Yur Choice.

Good Call!!


There are 2 different models of crank displayed.

Wow, good eyes. I’ll let the team know.

And congrats to those that found the misspelling!

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Broken in a few months. Very sad.