90's Sci-fi Evolution



Who will be the first to name them all correctly and in order from left to right?


Harzack’s first print at woot! Congratulations!!!


After an edit or two… And some sobering up…

Total recall
Terminator 2
Alien 3
Jurassic park
Independance day
Mars attacks
Fifth element


Species, not Star Trek :slight_smile:


Sets a nicely ominous mood without using a lot of color.


Wow. Love this. Brilliant.


That makes sense! One of the movies I haven’t seen yet! Good call!


Don’t forget the “5th Element” diva between the martian and Matrix thingy!


Wait… it is on the list now. Did you edit in “Fifth Element” to your guess or am I going crazy? I might be still feeling the effects of that mai-tai I had two nights ago. (I’m a light weight)


The Star Trek has been fixed, but clearly it is The Arrival, not Independance Day in the 7th spot, crazy backwards knees


More specifically, third from the left is the alien from Alien 3.

Oh Mars Attacks… Ak-ak YAK!


Oh jeeze, thank goodness. The thumbnail looked like gladOS from Portal tied up, face down ass up.

Anyone else seeing this?


Yep! Like two seconds before your post… I was all like… Ohhhhhhh I missed one!


Well I sure as heck am NOW.


Another movie I have to see now! Good call!


alright, lemme take a crack at it…

Total Recall
Terminator 2
Alien 3
Jurassic Park
Independence Day
Mars Attacks (?)
The Fifth Element
The Martix

Mars Attacks is the only one I’m not certain of …just doesn’t look quite right.


Finally, Harzack gets printed at Woot. Good job! Congrats!


Seriosly? They’d choose the Arrival over ID4, I don’t think so.

Both had backwards knees, but Arrival did not have such large heads and torso.


“Forget it, Donny, you’re out of your element!”