96 count Variety Pack Keurig K Cups

96 count Variety Pack Keurig K Cups

I got mine the other day. 96 plus 10 extra. The 10 bonus appear to be 5 caramel and 5 hazelnut.

Curiously, I got them in a box within a box. The interior box had another shipping label on it for someone in Maryland. I’ve had two of them today and they seem fine.

I do wonder what happened to the sale page, though… Was it pulled for being a sketchy deal?

Nah. It’ll be back tomorrow.

It’s back.


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How was the quality of the coffee? Most cheap packs I’ve tried in the past have tasted pretty awful.

I’ve pretty much stuck exclusively with Lavazza, Peet’s, and San Francisco Bay unless I am using my own grounds. Every other brand I’ve tried over the years have tasted like watery crap.

I’m not really a coffee snob. So long as it is warm and tastes somewhat like coffee, I’m pretty happy. I had the donut shop and columbian supremo flavors yesterday. Can’t say I could really tell the difference… Worth it for the price I paid.