A-AUDIO Elite HD Earphones

What the $#@! Woot aka: Amazon?

First, it’s obvious (and noted by a dedicated Amazon reviewer) that most of the positive reviews for these earbuds on Amazon are bogus/planted. When you look at the manufacturer’s reviews, you can tell it’s the same people posting the reviews.

Second, WOOT had these earbuds for $10 LESS recently. $49.99 - seriously, Woot used to be great, but $#@! like this is why I don’t even buy T-shirts here any more. I don’t know why I even still come back to check. sigh I miss the old Woot

$49.99!!!–> http://electronics.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=6442441&ref=cnt_odet_jtd

Hey there yodboy. Calm down there a bit. It was an honest mistake. The price has been changed back to $49.99.

Now I’m expecting you to buy some of these babies.

BTW, did you know that American Apparel is back on shirt.woot?

Thanks. I was initially interested in buying these based on the reviews, then found the reviews were bogus, so not sure now. But, I appreciate the response. I’ll give it some more consideration and decide after work.

As for shirt.woot …the last few shirts I purchased had greatly varying neck sizes. TBH, I’m not sure which were American Apparel and which weren’t. At this point though, I’m more interested in heavier weight T’s, similar to the Gildan Ultra Cotton’s, not the extremely thin T’s I’ve been receiving. And, when ordering the same size from one order to the next, I’d like an assurance I’ll receive T’s that have the same fit. My last purchase of “Critical Hit Dealer” has such a large neck hole, I can only wear it around the house.

Hopefully this feedback will make a difference at some point. Thanks for your reply above.

I think these are more bling than sound quality earphones.