A Baker's Dozen-ish

Are any of the edibles glutten-free? Lactose-free? Vegan? Or low-sugar/sugarfree?

I bought the pecan pie in a jar last time. We found it to be VERY VERY sweet – really too sweet. So that’s a warning unless you have a true sweet tooth.

I have the muffin pan with lid, the $5 baking pan (red and gray), and the rose Bundt pan. I like all three of them. Heavy duty, solid; the seem like they will last long enough to more than get my money’s worth out of them - and I bake a lot!

The $5 baking pan is just the perfect height for training 4 week old kittens to use the litter box. Probably not a common use, but it is what it is.

I bought the bundt pan last time around and it’s great. Made a gingerbread cake and it was very very pretty.

I have the Rose Bundt Pan and the Jumbo Cupcake Pan and they are both of excellent quality. I wish I’d ordered the Bundt pan at $5 instead of $9.99!

Like others who have already posted, I have the rose Bundt pan, and I love it. Cakes cook evenly and look beautiful. I recommend using cooking spray with flour in it (like Baker’s Joy) to ensure that the cake will pop right out of the pan.

This is a screaming deal for this pan.

Both the Prep-co (muffin pans & baking pan) and Noric Ware bundt are made in the USA.
Shocking, I know !

ETA just opened a second set of the Prep co muffin pans. They say on their site made in USA. But the pan wrapper says China
apologies if I mislead anyone.

Nordic ware, however, maintains they are USA made.

As others have mentioned, a great deal.
I bought a bunch of the muffin tins last woot off. Am thinking of springing for the fancy bundt cake pan. It’s selling for 26.99 +8.99 ship through Amazon .

Can I choose a lifeline? No, no, wait. I got this.

The last option. Final answer.

I bought the red 9 X 11 pan. It’s gorgeous…and very sturdy! Worth every penny at that price. This is not a flimsy Walmart pan. Buy it you won’t be sorry.

The 9x13 pan write-up mentions a lid, but there’s none in the pictures or in the Specs. Does it come with one or not?

That’s a good idea. And when the kitties no longer need it, you’ve still got a baking pan!

Can I ship any of the “pie-in-a-jar” goodies to Germany?

Hi wooters. I bought the Prep-Co muffin pan with lid and the lid was broken. I emailed Prep-Co and they blamed it on woot shipping it incorrectly. But, then told me they would send me another lid. Sure enough, the next lid shows up, and there are cracks in it as well. So, now I have 1 Prep-Co muffin pan and 2 broken lids. I only recommend the pan by itself. I don’t like that they blamed woot for what appears to be a manufacturing error. The lid features silicone corners that you push slightly to remove the lid from the pan. The cracks run from the silicone edge up the corner. You can see that it was made poorly. #WootIsAwesome

I had that happen too. Email support@woot.com and they’ll help you out.

I do partially blame my mail person for throwing it on my front porch.

We only ship in the US. Sorry.

I think I’ll have to buy the Prep-Co 9x13 pan, it will fit perfectly in the Breville 800xl toaster oven I bought from woot. BTW, I am absolutely loving that oven, one of my best purchases in a while, my poor full sized oven just doesn’t get used anymore.

So, can anyone identify the material the non-stick coating is made of on the rose bundt pan and the rectangular pan?

Is it, say, ceramic, or teflon, or anodized aluminum?

Thanks, all!

Anyone? Anyone at all? :slight_smile: