A Beast’s Beseechment

It’s all a trick. He will drink your blood regardless of what you do.

I suggest you listen. I’ve been bitten by a bat before, and it smarts for quite awhile!

Love this its adorable…in it’s own special way


Hmmm…“bat” hair day, fangs, soul-eating…reminds me of my ex-girlfriend.

Bwahahahah, love it!

With rhetoric like that, this monster could be a tremendous public speaker.

Also, that third fang is really bothering me.

Is this a vampire bat quoting Frankenstein’s monster?

I wonder if this bat knows ‘The Chupacabra?’ They seem to have similar intentions.

Artwork is, um… let’s just say “sub-par” and leave it at that.

I suppose he lives by the phrase “tolerance at any cost”.

Well, I know that the ‘Or, I’ll eat your soul’ is a line in one of my favorite Tenacious D songs.

It’s Dracula.

I think that’s what BatBoy would say, if he was able to speak. Or existed at all. Damn you Weekly World News for making me believe.

You and me both.

Black on dark gray? Oy.

Nay! We are but men! ROCK!

Reminds me of a similar beast from Tenacious D’s Tribute, only they had to play the best song in the world or their souls got eaten.