A Bird's Gotta Eat

3x 20 lb bags of food at $5 shipping - is this not the reason some dot com’s went out of business?

I feel bad enough for my mailman and UPS guys with all the crap I order online that I don’t order heavy bulky items like that.

Why is it that the SOLAR water wiggler runs on regular D cell batteries?

You might be ok then because it might ship FedEx. :tongue:

PS: I had various window feeders when my son was young. I think he learned a bit watching them. I know my cat was mesmerized by them and would chirp at them.

It seems that the manufacturer’s site is organized a bit weird. We’ll get that fixed up.

But hey! I found the instruction manual!

If you live in bear country, late Fall to early Spring is when you should have your bird feeders out. Or an alternative is to have them so the bear can’t access them. They don’t care how pretty they look or what kind of birds they are meant for, they’ll just destroy the feeders.

Yikes! And I thought squirrels were the problem.

Sunflower seeds are good for attracting cardinals. A feeder and a pair of binoculars can be a pleasant source of enjoyment for kids of all ages. And hardly any work at all. There are a number of good bird identification books, or of course you can always search on line if you don’t like paper books.

Some nice feeders in there. However, nothing is squirrel proof unless its made by Droll Yankees.

And the food can be gotten at a better price locally. I buy 45-50lb black oil sunflower seed bags at ocean state job lots for 25/bag.

Not true. I have a Brome Squirrel Buster Plus, and it’s fantastic. Great company, too. A raccoon knocked the feeder down and the cardinal ring broke. I called Brome and they sent me a replacement part immediately at no charge. No questions asked.

with the suction cupped window feeder… don’t the little birds fly into the window?? I know they fly into mine with no feeder on there, seems like adding the feeder is like torture, as you watch them hit and break their little necks

Never had that happen and I had one up for a couple years. Just put it up high enough so they’re not cat bait.

That stuff is for the bird’s!