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Hey Wooters,

Since this forum is Everything but Woot, I thought it might be OK to pass this along. I’m a regular in the woot shirt derby and a reformed regular of the woot Photoshop contests. For the last few years - between work, family, and derby - I’ve been writing a book for young readers called Scamps. It’s sort of along the lines of Goonies in Space (with a little Firefly and Ernest Goes to Camp thrown in for good measure). I’m self-publishing it and the first one in the series is now available through Lulu.com, (I hope to have it on Amazon.com and BN.com very soon). It’s not Tolstoy or Steele, but I think it’s a lot of fun. If you know a young reader that likes adventure, treasure, space, robots, or modest self-published novels by amateur shirt designers, please give it a look:


You really think you have to tell us who you are???

Good luck with the book!

Wow! It looks really neat! Unfortuneately we are just barely above the board book age here. Although if I show this to Orc. . . . . . .

What age group would you guess at? 8-10? 10-12? 12-14? Just a ballpark.

Is grandma getting started on her Christmas shopping?

Or maybe just have it here for when they come over. Or I should say she. There’s a second grader that’s turned into a vociferous reader since last year when she learned how to read. I wonder if it’s time to haul the Bobbsey Twins out yet. Might be a little too soon. There’s a freshman that really likes to read, but they have so much required reading for classes, doesn’t seem to have time for pleasure reading.

Either way it’s wonderful! Ver1 wants to read so bad, but she doesn’t have any patience for learning the basics. Once she gets there, I wonder if our library will have enough books!

I might have to look into getting tgentry’s book just to have on standby.

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Congratulations! We will have to check it out!

Okay, order is placed. Hubby is an author, having published a couple of non-fiction books. He’s now working on a fiction book for young readers himself.

We’ll let you know how we (and our young readers) like it! Good luck with it!

Thanks everyone! The target age is about 11+. There’s some technical and scientific stuff in there, but nothing really too difficult. There’s a few darker parts, but on the whole it’s very light, upbeat fun, especially compared to books like Harry Potter. To anyone that gets a copy, I really hope you enjoy it. PM and let me know what you think!

Also my publishing ‘company’ website is up (sort of):


Check back for updates, news, games, trivia, etc. I’m into the second book now and hope to have the first one on major retail sites within a few months. All of the copies I’ve gotten have come out great, but if for any reason yours is not PM me and I’ll make certain you get a good copy.

Thanks! Not sure why it’s not showing up on your IE. I just tried it on mine and see it. Maybe it will still let you click through.

Wow! Congratulations! That’s a really fine feat- writing a book that long! I assume it’s got your trademark illustrations in there too? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no. I considered it but it wouldn’t have been finished until 2015 or later if that was the case. I’m really proud of the story and think it stands alone without it, but one day I may set to creating a “Director’s Cut”, with illustrations, blueprints, maps etc.

We want pictures!

How exciting! I have a little brother who will be 11 in November. I might have to pick it up for him! :slight_smile:

Christmas gift bump

Thanks DWAN! :slight_smile:

After your done with the series, cycle, chronicle, ect. you should work on a fantasy book! Something with vampires, dragons, fairy’s, ya know what teens like! I finished the third Eragon book “Brisingr” the second day it came out and its fantastic! You should read the series, the guy that made the books is only 19 but he has a wonderful imagination. You could definitely get some good idea’s from his books.

OMG! How did I miss this? Although I am not 11, I just bought it. Shipping seems a little high, wanted me to pay $20 for 3 day. :omg: Media mail is cheaper, but still…
Do you want feedback?
I am a little disappointed that you didn’t do any illustrations. :frowning:

Since I can’t buy the bunny shirt because I really hate cream shirts…I’ll bump the book!

Come on folks! Buy a book for a kid on your list.

Or yourself!