A Bouquet Of Tools

WEN 2312 Variable Speed Multifunction Oscillating Tool

I bought one last time around, and it is GREAT - has held up through some longer punishing jobs. Good Price, too!

You won’t be disappointed.

LeakFrogs! These old friends need to be feature items!

a 14.4V hammerdrill…how does that even make sense?

My husband too my sander away from me…I am thinking I might be able to sneak this one by him? Looks nice…

Leak frogs are the bomb! They have saved me a number of times from water damage that would have been much worse if they were not on guard duty.

Agreed. I’m tempted to get them again, but I’ve got a stockpile at home already. Although… they make great gifts!

I’ve given Leak Frogs as gifts several times. They are usually met with a “What’s this?” followed by “Ohhhh, yeah… great. Thanks.” and an eye roll. HOWEVER, the thank you is MUCH more enthusiastic after it’s done it’s job and the recipient is saved from more significant damage. Personally it has saved me from major damage due to both an errant sock in the utility sink and a broken water heater.

I’ll be ordering more because… water happens.

Kudos to Woot for offering name brand tools!