A.Buds Bluetooth Aluminum Earbuds

Bought 3… 1 red, 1 black, 1 blue. All came in today.
Paired up with my devices no problems.
Sound quality is at least as good as my old wired buds (so, good quality, not the most stellar ever, but more than adequate for the source materials involved.)
Out of the box…

  • Range on the red ones was outstanding.
  • Range on the blacks seems decent enough.
  • Range on the blues was poor. I’m going to charge it overnight and retest.
    Fitment is perfect when I switched to the large plugs, and is comfortable even with both ear loops installed.

So far i’m cautiously optimistic these will be keepers (unlike the Waze ones.)
I’ll even dare say I’d buy more if they come up again, if they continue to perform well.