A Buttload of Batteries

still cheaper on amazon with prime. thanks anyway

I’m not spending $80 on Prime to save a buck on batteries. Thanks anyway.

Any comments on AC Delco C and D cell batteries from previous WOOTs?

The ‘D’ batteries are middle of the road for run-time, but for the price perform very well and for me are worth it. The problem I have had that I think bears consideration is with shipping.

My first order was packaged with no padding, so I ended up receiving 24 battery shaped wrecking balls and shards of packaging in a box. I didn’t feel comfortable using them, but Woot! did refund in full.

Reasoning that when they came up again the problem would be resolved, I tried once more. This time the 3x 8-Packs were padded in the box, but two of the packages were once again damaged to the point that batteries could fall out. One of them even had Scotch tape over a break in the plastic, indicating that at least some of the damage had seen an attempt at a repair before shipping!

The bottom line is that because these are clearly going to arrive in less than pristine shape, you need to decide whether that condition will be acceptable. Since my recently purchased TDK SoundCube takes an extreme 12 of these buggers, which would be very costly with ‘D’ cells from a more standard source, I resolved to just not store the batteries in the unit and only install them when I need to use it. That way if the batteries leak or something over time due to damage in shipping, at least my expensive gear won’t pay the price…

My kids have one battery siphoner of a game that eats AA batteries… in for some of those.

Whoever is being paid to write ‘A Buttload of Batteries’ for a living, you have the best job in the world, and are my new personal hero.

I missed this!! Please — again!

Then pay for shipping or spend $20 or more and automatically get free shipping.

Prime is worth it, it allowed me to cancel my Netflix sub while at the sane time getting free 2 day shipping, or $3.99 overnight shipping.

Plus if u know someone with a .edu email u can get prime for $39