A Carefully-Selected Random Pile of Leftover Sport Stuff

What, no Jeremy Lin basketballs?!

Don’t know why the executive poker set says it is sold out because as of right now, 5:32 P EST, 11/22 it is still in stock and available to buy at the same price over at holiday woot. Executive Poker Set

OK Woot, Poker set that says ‘sold out’ here, is right now still available at Pop Woot.

So, you may be missing sales. Drop this thing back down to the $30 it went for just a few weeks ago and let people know it is not, ‘sold out’. You just may ‘sell out’ if you do that. I got two at the lower price and I was blown away at how nice the set is. Make it easy for people to know you still have them available.

To keep from messing up inventory, we only sell it on one site at a time. It was mistakenly posted here. We can’t remove a sale once posted so the only option was to sell it out.

Sorry for the confusion. It was a mess up on our end.

Just got my 5 count of 3XL shirts. Very pleased but be sure to check your order, one of my shirts is labeled 4XL.

Ok the Kershaw knife is pretty sharp. I received it and started using it without even sharpening first, and accidentally sliced my finger pretty bad :frowning:

Totally my fault too, just being careless while cutting. The knife itself is pretty hefty and well made.