A Cold Sneeze

Multiple exclamation points: the sign of an unsound mind.

Poor little ice cream cone.

Uh oh, that one sneezed off it’s clothes and is naked now!

All of the responses to sneezes known to man.

I would eat those little boogers.

Are we assuming the ice cream is German?

Awwww, this is cute! I do wish it was on pink. Woot needs a pink shirt. Yes yes.

hmmmm a tad familiar…


were those Diana’s Sprinkles?

Of course we are … it’s white.

Ewww no way. It’s way better to pretend you’re picking something up off the floor and just wipe them down there. :slight_smile:

Sicko Woot write-up dude writes “Man, I can’t wait to lick and gnaw the life out of you.” Uh, that’s just all kinds of disturbing… No, really.

Would you? Do you enjoy eating waxy tasteless color bits? But sprinkles look pretty on ice cream and are totally worth the extra 25 cents (or whatever your ice cream suppler may charge).

From what I know, the whole ‘bless you’ thing came about during the black plague. If you sneezed, people figured you were on your way to plague-dom, so they would say ‘God bless you’.

Kinda scary 0.0

My Romanian friend lied to me! Her knowledge of the language, at least what she will reveal to me, is a travesty.

Upon further examination, she prefers to get lucky instead of worrying about health. Imagine that.

Of course the ice cream has a cold. It’s ice cream! Otherwise it would be melted ice cream.

There is a cold joke in there somewhere, but I’m too frustrated from missing out on the Sansa Fuze’s during the woot-off.


Soft serve in January to balance Christmas in July…now I want a boardwalk, a balmy breeze + a polite chocolate vanilla swirl cone.

I’ve had sugary sprinkles. I probably wouldn’t like the wax.

Yeah, it was like the Middle Ages version of, “Sucks to be you, you’re so hosed.”