A Counting Game






Sorry, found this while searching 23. Loved it, I will try not to be too greedy.


@Calgaltoal, Good Morning! This new forum has the posts numbered over there on the right ------>>>

So that one post you are deleting (which will take 24 hrs) was number 23. Better for next time to go back and edit the post rather than delete.

Who knew it would be so complicated! lol

It’s all good anyway. These new forums are…um…interesting aren’t they?

Oh! So now this is post #26. Soon to be #25 when your deleted post drops off. ha ha!


@therealjrn So sorry, shoulda thunk about it, I will not forget this tidbit. I do miss my tech support guy, you add 25 to yours, we will be on track. :blush:Thank you!


A self-deleted post is deleted for reals after 24 hours.

Personally, I’d just go with the next sequential number.





yikes! I didn’t realize I was #30




( 'ave we started again?)




Googling 34 came up with a lot of my Little pony gifs I was not expecting.


No one ever warned you about rule 34? Oh my…



Edit: Hmm, I seemed to have messed up the nesting quotes… Why didn’t it pull my name from the first quote when I highlighted and hit “Quote”?

I knew about Rule 34, just wasn’t expecting so many MLP gifs what with Bowsette and Boosette on the rise recently. Or has that fizzled?

Also, I think technically your reply would be 35, your image should be 36, which makes this:


I only count the image of the number as the number, chatter between should not count, IMHO. That’s how it has worked in the past; i think. The thread was over 4400.


I’m new here so you’re probably right. After lurking for so long I don’t want to be the one that messes things up…


No worries.