A Crap Ton of Batteries

Although I’m a fan of rechargables, sometimes you just need a battery RIGHT NOW. Do you keep spares on hand this way, and would these be the ones to do the trick for a temporary fix?

The last time I bought batteries from Woot (Fuji), I got a bunch that had a mean lifetime of about 1 week. Caveat Emptor.

A Crap Ton of Batteries? Or is it a Ton of Crap Batteries?

I bought the Kodak batteries in 2 sizes previously - they’re just fine! A couple of years of ago I bought a nifty kit that lets you use a AA battery to “run” C and D cell battery-operated whatever. (The AA fits into a sleeve that can fit into larger sleeves included in the kit.) I love not having to buy/store a variety of batteries!

Woot…if you can find such a kit I think you’d have buyers.

The Fuji ones were “heavy duty” batteries as I recall. Strangely, in battery-speak, “heavy duty” actually means “total garbage.” They’re not even Alkaline and won’t last nearly as long. Those can be OK for powering a cheap TV remote (not a Wii remote) or a battery-powered clock or a non-motorized kids toy here and there, but nothing that draws much power.
All the batteries in this sale are at least alkaline so can probably be expected to last about as long as most normal Alkalines. And with best if used by dates of 2018 to 2019, the shelf life should be fine too.

I bought a bunch last woot off.
The expiration dates are years out, so thinking that means they are all good.
Panasonics have always worked well for me .

The D’s came in that plastic stuff that is hard to cut, only someone had cut it before it was shipped and all the batteries fell out-- I hope it wasn’t a reject return or something like that. Don’t need to use them yet but I guess it would be prudent to try them, and not wait for a blizzard.

No rechargeables, no dice.

I don’t see batteries. I see cells.

Kinda disappointed there’s only one rechargeable entry, and it includes a charger.

I have enough chargers. I need more batteries.

If you live near a Fry’s, they have Tenergy brand AA Alkaline batteries for .42 for 4 pack.

That’s about $9 for 80 of them (they limit 20 packs per customer).

I’ve had good luck with Tenergy brand.

This. Even in remotes they don’t last very long it seems.
Makes me weary of buying more…

The same thing happened with my shipment. I bought a bunch of AA and AAA batteries and they arrived loose in the box with the packaging already opened. I think they just smashed into each other in the box and broke open.

Yeah, the packaging Woot! used for two orders of these things I received was worse than I have ever seen for any other product, from any seller, ever.

While that might be slight hyperbole, they sent three 8-packs of D batteries in a box with probably 3X the volume of the batteries with no packing material. Two of the packages were essentially wrecking-balled apart and I received 1 damaged pack, 16 dented and scratched loose batteries, and 2 empty demolished packs. I also ordered a 4 pack of 9-volts which was sent in a padded mailer but all I received was the mailer and the packing slip, as the batteries tore right through the side of the paper and were left somewhere along the way.

In the past I ordered the 72 pack of AAA and AA Kodak branded ones and they work well enough considering the price, but even those were mailed with airbags in the box that were popped in transit leaving me with loose batteries in the box. Not as big of a deal because they aren’t heavy enough to damage each other too badly, but out of 4 orders of batteries not one has been shipped adequately…

just for clarification, are y’all referring to the batteries purchased during the last woot-off? i need to know so that i can contact the right people about it. that’s definitely important feedback.

There have been many fine baseball players over the years, including Al Kaline. But why did he become to batteries what George Forman became to tiny electric grills?

Was it his powerful throw, his consistent ability to bat? Was it the fact that when his foot was on base there was a harmony of chemistry there that gave everyone else acid indigestion?

We may never know. One thing we do know for sure, few would have taken yogiberra batteries seriously.

You’ve given us a lot to ponder here.

iGo Charger is on Amazon with 8 fewer AA batteries (4AA, 4AAA) for $22.99 with free shipping. So, $2 less and you’ll get it faster.


Batteries make a good Christmas gift, right?