A Dance with Craps

It’s always the log-in screen that gets me. I thought I was logged in. :\

I actually got to clicky the “proceed to checkout” button. As soon as I did…waa waa.

this is just evil.

10 boc each time

So close this time! “Place your order” timed out and said it was sold out from under me.

How is it possible that I click the second it comes up and it’s sold out?

yeah same here

So what’s with the message about item not for sale And no cheat ing the system??? Really??
have been tryong for almost 2 days and now I’m cheating??

There are 10 each time.

Since I got one earlier (and don’t go for 2nd’s), now I can just have fun and see how fast I can hit f5. Think I did good with this one. :slight_smile:

you need to remove all the ones you missed from your “missed” items in your cart, otherwise, it thinks you’re a bot or something…

^^ see above. you need to clear it from your cart (all the craps you missed are listed there, needs to be cleared) <-- this was shared a ton of craps ago.

Because there are hundreds of thousands of people trying for 10 bags.

Or at least hover over the cart so if there is a 1 showing, it goes to 0.

Thanks, haven’t had time to read a lot of forum, appreciate the info

I thought it was
“Limit one bag per week per person”

bsmith1 is an old timer that knows in for 3 is really one boc…

In the past, you did actually have to select the number of craps you paid for, $1 $2 or $3. They changed it to automatically be 1 BOC for $3 with a minimum of three crappy items and a bag… and now $5.

Ah! It all makes sense now! I feel enlightened. Thank you for imparting upon me your crappy wisdom! =^.^=

Got one so here is my strategy.

1 have open community and woot seperate.
2 when item gets to 3 persent log out and back into woot on community page and keep refreshing woot page.
3 when item sells out close woot page and max out community page.
4 refresh till andy cap shows up click crap click add to cart click check out click palce order and pray

Worked for me took me 4 atttemps but got to order page place order page each time.

This worked for me, as well.