A Dangerous Concoction

I see a cat, along with a dragon and some human form in the vapors. Who actually made this concoction?!

Ever wonder what happens when you let NyQuil sit in a medicine cabinet too long? This shirt seems to be a definite possibility.

Loved this shirt, its perfect for October! I wonder what is cooking in that cauldron though.

Are there extra lines that weren’t in the original? The bright lines going against the flames. Can’t tell if they are supposed to be there or not but I don’t remember them in the original.

Ooh, I like this - I love the green on the black and the whole alchemy theme. Nice. Definitely in for one.

from any sort of distance, this shirt will read as a neon splatter paint shirt a la sixth grade summer camp. how delightful.

i can. regardless of the fact that it print terribly, has a terrible awkward shape, and makes no sense. its shiny!!

buy, you puppets

That pot’s been sitting on the stove so long that whatever’s in it has grown eyes…

I don’t understand this shirt’s popularity. I can only hope that for those who buy it, it prints well for their sakes.

I fully expect to receive this shirt in my next batch of randoms. :frowning:

So very close!

Were the object at the bottom a coffee cup instead of a cauldron, I would buy six!

Consider offering the same again as the summons of coffee…

I thought the same thing, some of the lighter colored green horizontal lines swirling up? I guess they aren’t major differences though.

The more I look at this shirt, the more it chaps my bottom side that it never got rejected. A glowy dragon thing being conjured by a witch that might possibly be in the cauldron herself does not spell cooking.

the cat did this all by itself??

There are extra lines. I see them, too. The lighter green, almost horizontal ones.

Still looks like green spew, though.

proportionally, that redesign would make the shirt depict either a VERY large cup o’joe or a panther rather than a kitty. me-OW…

reminds me of the villain in sleeping beauty

Yeah, not major, I was just wondering if it was intentional or some kind of accidental shifting of layers by woot or something.

I like it, but I think it would be better off-center. Not sure.

Pass on yet another one here. :stuck_out_tongue: