A Day at the Montgomery County Fair- not Flaming and not Begging for Votes.


I went to the fair today with my wife , two older kids, and friend of my son.

It was surreal, arriving at the Montgomery County Fair, and seeing a display of artist’s toilets.

We pondered, and finally decided we knew what we liked, even if it wasn’t art.

This may have been the weirdest thing all day- but no.


We moved on and visited the Dairy Cows
We saw one tired out cow.
yum. six sides of Black Angus Beef.
Finally we know, these big paper clips are used to hold…sheepskin!


Meanwhile, back at Woot, I was getting flamed in two forums. :^(
I hoped the off switch would shut up the flames, but instead it seems to have stopped people from voting for my shirts any more. :^(
Oh well, I have a happy daughter regardless of whether I win anything or not.
This chicken has to be famous with a name like that.


Could there be anything more awesome than the pigmy birdman? Oh, yeah.
How about Cyclops Pig?
mmm. no wonder its so famous. THis was clearly the best food at the fair, and we didn’t get any. I had a half smoke and barbecued beef, wife had barbecued pork, son had a corndog hung like a horse, his friend had a hotdog, and daughter had pizza.
I guess their hands have the right idea. The art was fabulous on the rides.
This picture seriously reminded me of no1’s work.


These were some seriously jaded kids after their ride through the haunted house. yawn.
Happy kids, all in all. A fun time at the fair.
My wife and daughter are somewhere on this ride- might not be in this picture, though.
Belly up to the monkey bar. I’d like a banana margarita, please.
Where has that tongue been?


THat is one seriously big horse. According to the World’s Book of Records <snerk>.
Don’t we think this horse needs a truck behind him to collect all the poop?
Does anyone even remember what nail kegs look like today?
Rides are serious business.
A bad bit of art here- can you spot the flaw in the picture?


Mmm- chicken on a stick.
mmm. fried Oreos.
These boys were having a good time together at the fair.
We bought 3 of these T shirts. It was the winning design for the fair this year- a competition won by a high school kid.
These were the goodbye cows, noticed as we left the fair.


The little one stayed at Day Care- just as well, it was a hot day.
OK, NOW its over.


I haven’t read the flames, but sounds like you had a terrific day with your family. What more could you want?


Look! Leak frogs!


GREAT pics, Joe!!
My county fair has none of those funky freaky things, although the people-watching willl make your eyes bleed.
Elephant ears for me as well.
County fair is over Labor Day, but then again, so is the Blueberry Festival in my hometown.
Decisions, decisions…


And I would have had chicken on a stick.


Where did that post go?


Looks like you had a great time! I love the fair.


It was a great time- We were really hot and tired by the end. Kids went right to sleep- like their parents will!


That is weird. It was in my post too.

Now if any of us said something about the big c0ck, I could see a problem.


my pictures keep disappearing.


I think Imageshack is having a problem with one of their servers. All the missing pics are the same number.


Yeah, the snakes body is drawn so it should be coming out, bot it goes behind the door.

Are you sure you want to show your kids picks?


Took me a while to get that one.
I really like that picture though.