A Delicious Fate

I take it that this is the prequel of this shirt?


We know in the future that he died happy, so this it must make him happy to see this.

Whoa, got first sucker on this, happy surprise there.

Shirtwoot motto!: it doesn’t matter who or what is planning to eat who or what or whom, as long as it’s cute.

Short form: BACON!

It’s becoming… clearer.
I see deliciousness in your future…

Bacon is the future. Once you learn this, you unlock happiness.

Just about any other cute animal and this would have been a great shirt to wear on days I host Werewolf. It pulls off the “Seer” motif very well. Just, bah, pigs…

Think of it as a boar… every rpg has boar…

I had a premonition this would print… when I saw it on your fb page.

Grats- super cool.

haha! this is great.

Though I read pigs are pretty smart and if any see this, I bet they’ll be all sad because true

I was trying to remember where I’d seen this title and concept before. Then I remembered seeduvpain letting me work on this collaboration with him http://shirt.woot.com/derby/entry/52285/a-delicious-fate

Lucky Pig!! Congrats on the print Matt!:smiley:

Thanks a lot, guys. Excited to see this print today, it is indeed a prequel for those following the complicated continuity of the Lucky Pig mythos. :wink:

@od’roc, my evil plan is complete! Seriously, I’ve had the idea a long time and the name is from one of my first tee design attempts (Gumby in a taffy pulling machine). Sorry about the overlap, I wish I’d remembered, but I don’t think anyone would confuse the two designs.

So I’m new here, please help! How and when does this amazing design graduate from shirt to APRON!?

In response to the write up, the prediction only indicates that we will be slicing off the skin on the fortune teller’s stomach and frying it. Not macabre at all!

It could also be a symbolic form of the phrase “EAT ME!”

In that case it is a shirt for those who get a sense of superiority from telling people off without them realizing it. :smiley:

Brilliant. Eat me, indeed.

What a lovely shirt! I love that pig! If there are other colors, it would be great.

Yes! A perfect apron print!